Jake sat and stared at the three life size dolls in front of him, encased in their boxes, posed and waiting to be unwrapped.

They had, of course, been the three biggest pains in his ass over the last three years, but now were nothing of the sort.

Tammy, the blonde on the left, had been the CEO of the company he’d been trying to buy for those entire two years. She’d refused to sell to him, even while negotiating with his rivals.

Jenny, the blonde in the middle, was Tammy’s CFO. She’d been instrumental in fending off all three of his hostile take over attempts though shrude financial moves.

And then, finally, there was Mary, the corporate lawyer. That woman had tied him up in law suite after law suite, costing him plenty.

Yet, it was all for knot.

In the end, he’d acquired the company at a slight premium over what he had expected to, but it was his none the less. It had already more than paid for itself, it’s cutting edge break through already changing multiple industries under his stead hands.

That had just left Tammy, Jenny and Mary to reckon with.

Fortunately, a man in his position had many contacts, some of which were less above board than others. When the three woman had come to “discuss” their severance packages, they had been very surprised that he wanted them to stay, with raises to boot.

So surprised that they hadn’t even really thought too much about the two week “Management Retreat” that he had scheduled with them on his private island. By the time they realized something was wrong, it was too late.

Over the two weeks, they had been drugged, reprogrammed, and repurposed.

He took a long drag on his cigar and then looked over at the seat cushion beside him, where the three small remotes sat, one white, one blue and one pink. His eyes scanned over them a few times and then he picked up the white one and pressed the single button on it.

Instantly Tammy “came to life” as she felt the buzzing at the base of her skull. Her arms falling to her sides as she turned around and pulled the curtain of her box to the side and stepped out. She walked robotically around her box until she was in front of him and then stood still for a moment before speaking.

“Hello Sir, how may TammyBot serve you?” she said in a clipped voice.

“Oral mode.” he said simply.

“TammyBot is now in oral mode. Thank you Sir.”

Tammy then lowered herself to her knees and crawled in between his legs and then worked his pants off of him, her lips wrapping around his cock once she had.

She expertly lowered herself down his entire length, and then brought herself upright, repeating the process over and over. He came close several times, but she backed off every time, extending his pleasure.

After several minutes, he reached over and pressed the two remaining buttons and watched Jenny and Mary activate and exit their boxes as well. Once they arrived in front of him they spoke in unison.

“Hello Sir, how may JennyBot serve you?” Jenny said in a clipped voice.

“Hello Sir, how may MaryBot serve you?” Mary said in the same tone.

“Lesbian show mode.”

“JennyBot is now in oral mode. Thank you Sir.”

“MaryBot is now in oral mode. Thank you Sir.”

Jenny and Mary then turned towards each other and kissed, their hands moving up and down each other’s bodies as they started to strip their outfits from each other.

Jake leaned his head back and took another drag of his cigar before blowing the smoke straight up. Three years of hard work and come to a satisfying end, and he was going to ensure that Tammy, Jenny, and Mary continued to satisfy him for at least that long.