Kiri flipped back and forth between the series of selfies she’d taken and finally decided on the fourth one.

The first was good, she liked how docile and submissive it made her look, and the slightly parted lips… god those were so sexy!

The second was fun, it had the best view of the logo on her costume which really drove home how fall she’d fallen.

The third had the best smile, for sure, and showing off the fact she’d actually gotten her ears pierced with all that entailed for a nearly invulnerable superhero, was great!

But that confused, anxious expression on her face in the last one was just too much to to resist.

She select the image and added it to the message on her phone. She typed away under it for a few moments before reviewing the message and let out a small giggle, “Like, omg, there’s someone at the door! Maybe it’s totally a burglar and he’ll tie me up! Maybe I’ll totally have to suck his cock before he’ll let me go!”

She hit send and then typed out another message, “Or, like, maybe it will be you and I’ll just totally drop to my knees and suck you off right there int the door way!”

She hit send again and her stomach did back flips waiting for the response.

It came in and she let out a squeal of excitement before she had even read it.

“Why don’t you fly your cute little ass over here and show me exactly how much you really want to suck my cock.”

She wasted no time, flying as fast as it was safe to towards Dex’s mansion.

He’d captured her a few months ago, like he and pretty much every other villain had at some point, but this time he’d simply let her go after keeping her locked up for a day or two. She’d been confused, and more so when her cousin had told her she’d been gone for a week, but she’d brushed it off as having lost track of time and went on with her life.

It was only a few weeks later that she’d realized Dex had done something to her. She’d started to masturbate more, and dress more provocatively, and act… well, act like a bimbo honestly.

It had been almost a month since her release when she’d found out exactly how much she’d changed, when she’d gone to a charity event and “bumped” in to Dex. It wasn’t long before she was in his limo, sucking his cock, begging him to fuck her.

Things had progressed steadily since then, and she knew where it was going. Eventually she’d hang up her cape and become his blonde trophy bimbo. Hanging off his arm at every event he went to, begging him to fuck her every night.

There was a small part of her that hated that realization, but there was an even bigger part of her that loved the very thought of it.

She wasn’t sure if that was Dex’s doing or not, but as she landed outside of his mansion, the only question in her mind was if going to fuck her pussy again or if her pleading would finally be enough to get him to fuck her ass like she begged him to each time.