“You’re a Canadian, right?” the man in the black suit and tie asked as he held the tablet in front of him.

“Yes, yes I am.” I replied as he smiled.

“Perfect! We’ve got a special room setup to celebrate Canada day just in case we had any Canadians drop by.”

I smiled in response with a raised eyebrow, “Really, cool.”

“Right this way…” he said and led me towards the back room where the sound of sex could be heard coming from each and every one of them.

The club was a ritual for me, whenever I was forced to come to head office here in Europe I’d drop by once or twice… or daily as the case may be.

This trip was especially gauling as it happened during Canada day back home. Oh well, just one of those sacrifices I had to make for the huge salary.

If I was honest it wasn’t that much of a sacrifice anyway, I hadn’t been to head office in over two years due to the pandemic and I was missing the club anyway. I’d been receiving special offers from the in my e-mail almost daily, and now I had the opportunity.

We stopped in front of a white door with a red maple leaf on it and then he opened it to reveal two women crouched on a bed.

I mentally corrected myself, these were full blooded bimbo’s, not women, and then something tickled in the back of my head.

“Hey… aren’t those…” I started to say but he answered before I could get the question fully out.

“Yep! Kayla and Layla, from the Canadian punk band Fuck the Patriarchy.”


“The pandemic might have been bad for business for us, but it was an opportunity as well. So many of these famous but not rich celebrities or pseudo celebrities were rip for the picking once their money ran out and they had no opportunity to replenish it.”

I nodded in stunned silence.

“How do you like their makeovers? Too much… not enough?”

It had taken me a moment to recognize them with how much they had changed. They had both been die hard lesbians, with short spiky hair and little in the way of curves.

“Oh, just about right I think.” with a smile.

“Good, if you’ll just select your options and sign…” he said as he turned the tablet to me.

I quickly selected the two hour, full access, options and then signed, acknowledging the price. It was a good think I’d saved a lot of money from staying at home for two years… it looked like this trip was going to get quite expensive.

I watched Kayla and Layla’s eyes roll back in their heads for a moment and their bodies shiver as they were updated with the options I had selected and then the door closed behind me to my long overdue reward.