Destiny flipped her hair as she turned her head to the side, her ass being forced outward due to her heels, and the cable that ran to the back of her neck moving slightly under the motion.

She knew her name wasn’t Destiny, though she couldn’t tell you what it really was, the chip that was implanted in her head didn’t allow her to access that information, at least not at the moment.

She heard the clickety-clack of the keyboard once more and then a pause. Suddenly her body turned to face away from the man behind the keyboard, her legs spread apart and she bent over at the waist. As she did, she felt the tug of the cable as it spooled out to let her bend over at a 90 degree angle, her hands on her knees.

There were dozens of other commands fed directly into her mind over the next hour or so, her body obeying silently, until the man seemed satisfied.

He stood up from behind his desk and walked over to her, grabbed the cable and gave it a yank as it disconnected from her and fell loosely behind her. She should have felt relieved that it was over, but she knew the chip was still in her head and it was still in control, even if the cable was no longer attached.

As if to prove it to her, the man spoke, “Identify yourself.”

“Destiny Buttslut, registered sex doll.”

“Current registered owner?”

“Currently unregistered. Would you like to register as my owner now?”

“No. Active free use mode for now.”

“Free use mode active.”

His hands were on her ass moments later and she let out a moan and her body moved as he guided her over to the table behind her. She was bent over, her legs pushed apart and her skirt hiked up around her waist in no time. She felt him push up against her tight rear entrance, and she wanted to scream, but instead her body simply pushed backwards, forcing the tip of his cock in to her ass as she let out a gasp and then a moan.

Her body was actively trying to push back against him, to push him even deeper in to her ass, exactly as the chip was programmed to.

Then, her body twitched violently as she felt his cum enter her bowels and the chip responded once more, causing an orgasm to crash over her.

Inside of her own head she whimpered, though outwardly there was only a smile across her lips. She knew the orgasm was only the first of many, that they would grow more and more powerful over time, until she could no longer resist them and the chip would no longer be necessary at all.

It was an unfortunate fact of life though, being is so much debt, the collectors had come for her and now she was property of the state… at least until a registered owner came and claimed her for his own.