“Shit, that’s one fine ass…” Darin said as he stood behind the blonde squatting on the carpet.

“I know, it’s taken her a while to get it in to shape, but I’m satisfied with her progress so far.” the Doctor replied.

Darin watched a little shiver of pleasure, ac complied by goosebumps form, cross over the blonde’s body at the praise from the Doctor.

Darin leaned over to get a better look and then raised an eyebrow, “Is that…” he asked, pointing at the anal plug.

“No… well, yes but no. It was for the first few weeks to de-power her while I worked on her mind, but now it’s just for show, simple glass. She had her full power set now and it makes for some… interesting… positions possible.”

Darin smiled and nodded, “I’m sure. May I?” Darin asked and pointed at the blonde’s ass.

“Of course.” the Doctor nodded and Darin reached down and grabbed a hold of the blonde’s round ass and gave it a firm squeeze.

“Mmmmmm…. squeeze that ass baby…” the dreamy voice of the blonde said as he did.

“Don’t be afraid to be more… assertive.” The Doctor said and nodded at Darin.

Darin let go of the blonde’s ass and raised his hand and the let it fall on to the firm round butt cheek closed to him.

“OH! Yes baby! Slap that ass harder! giggle” the blonde said in a bubbly voice and Darin did so, landing several hard blows on to her ass.

Then he stood up and shook his hand, “Damn, it’s not even the tiniest bit red.”

“Well, she is nearly invulnerable. It’s not like a normal human like you or I could every really damage her.” the Doctor replied with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Yeah… I guess so.” Darin replied.

“So… do you think your client will be interested in her?”

“Most definitely. She foiled his plans on many occasions, I’m sure he won;t pass up the opportunity to repay her for that.”

The Doctor chuckled and nodded.

“Quick question though… do you still have her uniform?” Darin asked.

“Of course… though that tiny little red skirt doesn’t nearly cover that phat ass any more.”

It was Darin’s turn to chuckle, “Well I don’t see how that’s a problem really…”

Both men chuckled for a moment before turning towards the door they had come in.

“Let me confirm your price with my client, I’m sure the funds will be in your account before the end of the day. Assuming that, when can he take delivery?”

“Pretty much any time. All of the mental work is done on her, I’ve just been playing with the physical shape of her body for the last few weeks. If your client would like any specific changes made, to mind or body, that would be no problem, just a matter of a few extra weeks a worst.”

Darin nodded as the Doctor closed the door behind him, the two men turned to each other and then shook hands before Darin left.

He had no doubt it wouldn’t be long before he was returning to pick up the ex-hero, he only wondered if he would have enough time to try her out before delivering her to his client. Perhaps he could “delay” the delivery by a day… or two.

A broad smile crossed his lips as he walked to his car and started working on the details of the delivery in his head.