“Puh… puh… please… tell me they’re big enough…” Tammy pleaded with the man standing across from her.

After three years she still didn’t know his name, where he was from, or anything else about him, other than the fact he controlled every aspect of her life.

She’d been on vacation in Vegas when she’d met him, a little drunk, out with her girlfriends for a night of free drinks and hitting on guys that they’d never sleep with.

The group had spotted him, old enough to be their father, he had a girl their own age hanging off of his arm. It was usual to see these days, lots of women had decided financial security was more important than love, but this was unusual even for that.

The girl had a bad dye job, heavy makeup, large obviously fake breasts, and was poured in to a revealing dress that left little to the imagination.

One of her Tammy’s girlfriends had pointed and whispered to their group, “Get a look at that sugar baby slut…”, and they had all snickered, but Tammy had taken it a step farther.

“Hey… do you let him use those tits that he paid for or can’t he get it up anymore and just as to look?” she’d called out and the group had burst out in laughter.

And then the laughter had stopped, all at the same time, as the couple walked over to them, smiles across both their faces.

He’d taken pity on her friends, they hadn’t called out, just laughed along so he’d just had them strip down to their lingerie and gave each a new fetish to take home with them.

Tammy hadn’t been so lucky. Oh, she’d still flown home on time, but it was only temporary. She’d sold everything she had, quit her job, and flown back to Vegas to start her new life as a stripper. A stripper with an unquenchable need to have the biggest, fakest tits in the city.

She’d spent the last three years getting exactly that.

Then, once or twice a year, she’d have a sudden urge to go to one of the hotels, up to a suite and find him there for inspection. Inspection and the raunchiest titty fuck she could perform, ending with his cum all over her tits and the most massive orgasm she had ever experienced.

The man waved his had towards her and she knew what to do, without any further ado she reached around her tits and unclasped her top, then her bra, putting her tits on display for him. After he’d gotten a good look, she walked over and sat down on his lap, giving him full access to her tits.

He squeezed them, licked them, sucked them, slapped them, motor-boated them, all the while pleasure assaulted her every sense.

She was in such a haze of pleasure it almost seemed like an out of body experience when she heard her voice saying those disgusting, degrading things. Things about how she was nothing but her tits, how her tits gave her purpose, how her big fake tits gave her value.

And then his cock was sliding between her tits as she bounced up and down. She looked up into his eyes, lust, need, passion behind her own eyes, and honestly begged him to cum all over her big fake tits.

He obliged and she quivered and shook from the force of the orgasm that rocked her.

She wasn’t sure how long it was until she came around, but it was long enough for him to have cleaned up as she laid on the floor. He was just about to leave when her voice called out to him.

“Please… please… tell me…” she begged him.

He half turned around and smiled, “Not yet.”, then left her sitting on the floor behind him.

She half whimpered, half giggled as he did. She knew that next time she saw him her tits would be even bigger and she was already having a hard time standing upright for very long, but it also meant that she’d see him again, and that sent a shiver of pleasure through her that made all the time a the gym, all the surgeries, and everything else worth while.