“Oh, hello Sir, I didn’t hear you come home.” Raina said as she cocked her hip out a little and smiled at her boss.

It was strange thinking of him that way, not that she hadn’t need the job, or that working as a live in housekeeper was beneath her or anything. It was just that they’d been friends for so long, that thinking of him as her boss was… well, weird.

“Hi Raina, how is the house working coming along?”

A little shiver of pleasure ran down her spine and nestled in to her pussy at the thought of all the housework she’d done that day, “OH, very well Sir! I’ve got the entire first floor done!” she beamed with pride.

She and David had gone to the same public school together, graduated high school together, but that was where their paths had diverged. David had always been smart, and many were surprised when he hadn’t gone to college, but instead started his own small business. The reverse had been true for her, many had assumed she’d find a husband right after high school, but instead she’d gone to college to try and get a career to lift herself out of her lower class upbringing.

Unfortunately, while David had succeeded in his endeavor, making millions and if the rumours were true, maybe even billions in a few short years, all Raina had accomplished was a massive student debt and no diploma to show for it.

She wasn’t quite sure what David had done with his business, but it was some kind of technology startup and he seldom talked about it. She’d tried digging for more information a few times since they’d reconnected, but had always hit a brick wall.

Out of school and broke, she’d been working low paying jobs for a few months, only treading water, when he’d walked in to one of the restaurants that she waitressed at. They’d quickly reconnected and after just a couple of days he’d offered her the job as a housekeeper in his spacious mansion.

Deep down she’d know the offer wasn’t entirely genuine. Not that he didn’t need a housekeeper, but between the oversized salary with full benefits, and the fact that she knew he’d always had a crush on her, well she wasn’t stupid.

The first few weeks had been pretty standard stuff, make his means, do the cleaning, and well reminisce at night.

Then he’d given her a training website to go to, he’d said to improve her work around the house, and she’d done so as she had to admit home-ec had never been her strong suit.

They’d started out pretty basic, but soon they were teaching her things she’d never considered.

Like how it wasn’t appropriate for her to think of him as a friend, but instead as her boss.

Or how dressing and looking appropriately for her role was important.

Or how addressing him as “Sir” was an appropriate thing to do.

Or how obeying her boss was an important part of her life.

It wasn’t until the training program on “How to appropriately fantasize about your boss” started that she’d had any concerns at all. Fortunately they passed quickly once she started running her pussy like she often did during the training.

“That’s good to here Raina, why don’t head up to the master bathroom and get ready for your next chore. I’ll be right up.” her boss said and smiled and curtsied.

“Of course Sir.” she replied and wiggled her ass towards the stairs and up them swaying her hips one step at a time.

Her pussy was buzzing with excitement, this was her favorite chore of the day, cleaning her boss’s cock with her dirty little cunny was the pinnacle of her day!

David watched Raina sashay away from him and pulled out his phone, quickly opening the custom control app he’d created, and checking the status of her training programs.

He smiled at the newest checkbox against “The best way to get ahead at work is to have the biggest, fakest, tits.”

She’d already completed dozens of other of the fake training programs. The first few had been the hardest, he’d actually had to have some kind of related content in them, but now, she just accepted anything that they told her.

It would still be a while before she was done with the long list of them that remained, but then the whole housekeeper act would just be a role play that he’d have some occasional fun with.

He scanned down to the title of the last program in the list, “Being David’s trophy wife is what you want most in the entire world and you’ll do anything to get it.”

He felt a little twang of guilt at what he had done, and what he was going to do, but it passed quickly. He’d carried the torch for Raina for years, and when she’d still put him squarely in the friends zone at the restaurant, he’d decided right then and there he was tired of being walked all over by her.

He locked his phone and placed it on the entrance way table along with his keys and wallet and then headed upstairs to Raina who would be kneeling in the bathroom, eager to perform her duties.