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Saturday November 12, 2022

Wish for Porn High is a series of captions in which Dean has used one of his three wishes to “be the principle at a porn parody version of his high school”.

The first post in this series is here. All stories in the serires tagged here.

Note, all characters depeicted are over 18. The wish made all the students into adults, as all porn parody actresses are adults in these films.

Hazel checked her GPS again as she drove through the back roads of the last county district school that was on her list. She pushed a strand of brown hair back over her ear and let out a sigh, it had been a long road trip, crossing four states, and netting only a couple of sales, but it was at least better than the last time she’d been out on the road.

Selling school uniforms in this day and age was a real challenge. Between students nearly revolting at traditional gender roles, along with school budgets being cut to the bone, there wasn’t much demand.

But then again, that’s why they kept sending Hazel out on these cold call trips, even with everything against her, she still got results.

“15 miles to next turn on too Town Line.” the GPS called out and Hazel almost let herself smile, finally.

She’d never even heard of this place before, but the companies research department ensured her that there was in fact a high school in the town and that was good enough for her.

Just as she saw the town come in to view in the distance, a sudden wave of dizziness came over her and she slowed down for just a moment before speeding up once more.

“So, like, as you can see, the material is totally high quality!” Hazy said as she pushed her tits out and Principal Hardcock squeezed them, feeling the material between his hands and her tits.

‘God these country bumpkin principals were so easy to manipulate!’ Hazy thought as she tried as hard as she could to suppress the moan that was threatening to escape her lips.

“How durable is it thought?” Dean asked and Hazy smiled.

“Like, let me show you…” she replied and reached up under her pink tie and grabbed hold of the two sides of her shirt and gave them a tug.

The buttons stayed in place but Dean had a frown on his face, “Let me try that…” he said and Hazy let her hands fall to her sides as Dean took hold of her shirt and pulled hard on it.

Buttons flew everywhere and her tits popped out of her shirt, her nipples instantly hardening from the cool airconditioned breeze that flowed through the principal’s office.

“Oh! Like, you’re so strong Principal Hardcock! giggle

Hazy tried as hard as she could to avoid rolling her eyes, it was just too easy. Let them grope her tits for a bit, make sure they get a good eye full of how big, round and fake they were, then get down on her knees and seal the deal with her secret weapon.

Sure, all the guys looked at her big fake tits and wanted to see them, but what they really wanted to know was what it felt like to have her overstuffed lips wrapped around their cock with the ring in the corner of her mouth sliding up and down their shaft.

Many a principal had blown their load on her, both figuratively and literally, once she was done with them. Their cum in her tummy, and their budget blown out the window by the orders they placed with the company.

She’d had to take many a call from a district school trustee demanding a refund, but they couldn’t take back their cum so she saw no reason to give back their budget.

Hazy lowered herself down on to her knees and fished Dean’s cock from his pants and quickly wrapped her lips around it. She slide down it’s length, making sure her lip ring was pushed up as hard as she could against his shaft.

Then she got to work, bobbing up and down, taking him all the way to the back of her throat before coming up once more. Several minutes later and she was impressed with Dean’s stamina. Most of the principals she gave blow jobs to didn’t last long, but not long didn’t Dean seemed phased by her efforts, her pussy was getting wetter and wetter as well.

She lost track of time at some point, the buzzing in her pussy distracting her as she bobbed up and down, but eventually Dean took hold of her hair and control of the situation.

He pushed her all the way down his shaft, farther than she had ever been on a cock, past the back of her mouth and in to her throat. She gagged a little, but at the same time the buzzing in her pussy went in to overdrive.

Her hands flew out to her sides as he pounded her up and down his shaft, until she couldn’t take it any longer… she was going to cum and there was nothing she could do to stop it, even if she had wanted to.

The first orgasm rocked her, her whole body shivering as Dean continued to pull her head up and slam it down. Several more followed until Dean held her down on to his shaft, his tip buried deep in to her throat, and she felt his hot cum spurt down it.

Her whole body twitched and spasmed as a massive orgasm rocked her and her eyes rolled back into her head as everything grew darker and she passed out from the power of it.

“I’m sorry Hazy, there just isn’t any budget for uniforms this semester.”

Hazy giggled and straightened her tie as she sat across from Dean at his desk. When she’d regained consciousness from the all encompassing orgasm, she’d simply laid on the floor of Dean’s office for a while, trying to find the strength to stand upright again.

Eventually she had and found Dean working behind his desk. She’d quickly pulled herself together and sat down across from him and started her sales pitch again.

She pouted a bit but nodded her head, “Yeah, like, I totally get that. But, uhm, like, can I come back… in say three months… and, like, give you another sales pitch? giggle” she asked, blushing.

She couldn’t argue the point really, after all she had cum before Dean had so it wasn’t like he owed her anything. In fact, she might owe him something for the amazing orgasms he’d brought her.

“Sure, if you like.”

She smiled and giggled, “Like, I totally like Dean! giggle

Dean smiled at her and she stood up and walked out of his office. Opening her schedule as she walked to her car, she added a return trip to see Dean in three months. Then as she scrolled through her next sales trip, noticed that she would only be a hundred kilometers or so away in the middle of the trip.

She let out a giggle and opened up her e-mail, sending the sales co-ordinate a message, telling them she’d need a “personal” day around that time.

After all, Dean might not have any budget this semester, but it couldn’t hurt to drop in and get him to fuck her face again as a way of building some good will for their next negotiation.

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