“As you can see from my resume, I’m more than qualified for the position. I know I can be an asset to the company and you won’t be disappointed in my work ethic or capabilities.” Janell said as she sat across from Mr. Danvers who was interviewing her.

She’d prepared diligently for the interview, researched the company as best she could, but was still nervous. Her resume was mostly a lie, she’d never been an executive assistant, or anything like it, but she was desperate to get out of the dead end retail job she had and companies seemed desperate these days and so weren’t digging too deep into prospective employee’s histories.

Mr. Danvers nodded as he studied her resume, then looked across the desk towards her and smiled.

“Yes, quite impressive, exactly what I’m looking for in fact.”

Janell gave an inward sigh of relief, as much as she’d researched the company, there really wasn’t all that much she’d found out. They were highly secretive, with little more than the required financial disclosures being online.

“It says here you can start immediately, would Monday be acceptable?”

She smiled and beamed at him, “Oh, yes that would be fine!” she replied excitedly.

Mr. Danvers stood up and extended his hand towards her, and she did the same, shaking his firm grip for a moment before a quizzical look crossed her face.

“Uhm… shouldn’t we discuss salary and benefits?” she asked.

He chuckled a little and let go of her hand, “Oh HR will be sending an e-mail with the official offer, I’m sure you’ll be very satisfied with it. But if you have any questions, feel free to give me a call.” he replied.

She nodded and after a few pleasantries, walked out of his office with a spring in her step.

“FUCK ME!” Janell said as she reviewed the e-mail offer. Satisfied was an understatement!

She was going from minimum wage to making six figures! She got up and ran around her apartment, yelling and screaming for joy.

She stopped suddenly, realizing that she was going to have to go do some shopping this weekend. She didn’t have much that would be presentable in an office environment, but now that she was going to be earning some real money, worrying about clothing seemed like the last thing she needed to do.

Janell had been working through the training material in between the tasks that Mr. Danvers, or as he insisted she call him, Bob needed done. The tasks were simple enough, schedule meetings, follow up on e-mails, nothing she couldn’t handle.

The training videos… those were a whole different story.

Every time she sat down to watch one, she seemed to zone out and miss half the information that was being presented. She’d had to watch each one several times in to get through it completely. And that didn’t even include the pounding headache she seemed to have after watching each one.

There were a dozen videos to watch, and she’d only managed to get through three of them so far and it was already the end of the week!

She heard footsteps behind her and she turned around to see Bob coming out of his office, a computer bag in his hand and a smile on his face.

“Hey Janell, I’m heading out. Just wanted to say you’ve been doing a good job so far, keep up the good work!”

She smiled and nodded at him, “Thanks Bob, it’s been an amazing first week and I’ve learned so much! I’m glad you’re happy with my performance so far.”

“Good. Well, have a good weekend and I’ll see you bright and early Monday morning.”

“Sounds good, you too.” she replied and watched him walk away.

She checked the time, it was still pretty early, only 3:30. She’d finished up all the tasks Bob had assigned her, maybe she could get through another training video or two before she headed home.

She fired up the video player and started the next one playing.

Janell twitched as she heard the automated lights in the building shutoff and she blinked several times, the video still paying on her computer in a loop.

“Wha…” she mumbled in a daze, then blinked several times.

She looked around the deserted office and then checked the time again… 9pm.

“Shit!” she swore under her breath and quickly shut the computer down and got ready to leave.

Janell looked at her reflection in the hallway mirror and adjusted her hair with a smile, she was so happy she’d decided to go out clothing shopping a second time this weekend.

It was hard to believe that she’d though the new clothing she’d bought last week would ever be appropriate for her role as Bob’s executive assistant! Fortunately she’d been able to return most of them and then had gone on to find some more appropriate outfits, like the one she was wearing now.

She grabbed a light jacket and her purse and then headed out the door. It was still very early, but she figured if she got to the office early enough she might be able to get another one of those stupid training videos that she was having so much trouble with out of the way.

“Good morning Janell.” Bob said.

“Wha? Oh… good morning Bob.” Janell said as she looked up from her computer and smiled, a flush coming over her at her boss catching her zoned out in front of her computer.

“Catching up on the training videos I see, good work.”

“Yes, thanks Bob. I came in early to watch a few.” she replied, a slight furrow in her brow from the realization that she hadn’t even computed one more.

“Great. Well when you get a minute can you grab me a coffee?”

She perked right back up, “Of course! I’m here for you, whatever you want.”

“Thanks Janel, make it two creams and a sugar.”

“You got it.” she said, a slight shiver of pleasure running through her for some reason. She then stood up and headed for the coffee machine.

Janell was masturbating. She didn’t do it often, but she’d been so horny these last few days and she’d simply had to find some relief when she got home.

She let out a moan as her right hand was buried between her legs and her left hand squeezed her breast and played with her nipple.

“Oh god yes… suck that nipple sugar…” she said aloud as her mind wandered and a wave of pleasure rolled over her.

Her fingers sped up and she felt herself coming closer and closer to orgasm, just before it crested she heard her voice cry out, “Oh god Bob, fuck me! Fuck me Bob!”

Before she could realize what she’d said, the orgasm crashed over her and all other thoughts drained out of her head.

Janell was nervously standing in front of Bob’s desk, he looked stressed and frustrated. He’d just slammed down the phone after a long call with a client, who had clearly been upset, but Janell wasn’t sure about what.

Bob had messaged her just before finishing the call and told her to come into his office, but hadn’t said what it was about.

But she wasn’t nervous about that, she knew that was business and she hadn’t done anything wrong so she had nothing to worry about. No, she was nervous because in the second week of working for Bob, she’d developed a serious crush on him.

Now, late on a Friday afternoon with most of the rest of the office abandoned, she was having a hard time hiding it. The most obvious part being her rock hard nipples poking through the thin material of her white top. The less obvious was the buzzing in her pussy that she hand’t been able to mollify no matter how many times she masturbated at home.

“Sorry Janell… just a frustrating client I have to deal with.” Bob said as his face relaxed and a smile formed on it.

A shiver went down her spine and she smiled back, “No problem Bob, what can I do for you?” she asked.

“Come over here and take a look at this would you?” he asked and she quickly walked around his desk, standing beside him and leaning over to get a better look at his computer screen.

“What do you make of this?” he asked, raising his hand up to point at the screen, but brushing the side of her breast as he did so.

She let out a gasp and her whole body quivered, “Oh, sorry about that Janell…” he said, starting to apologize.

Instead of letting him continue she grabbed his hand and placed it firmly on her breast, “Don’t apologize sugar, you can grab my tits any time you want.” she said in a half daze from the pleasure that was coursing through her body and mind.

She felt his other hand grab her other tit and in no time her top was off and his face was buried between them.

Janell applied her lip gloss as she looked into the mirror and saw Bob walking up behind her. She parted her lips and continued to apply it as his hands came to rest on her ass.

She wiggled her ass and jiggled her tits as she put the lip gloss down and gave a deep inhale. He squeezed both of her ass cheeks and she let out a low moan, “God sugar, that feels sooooo good.”

Janell had been so happy when Bob had suggested coming home with him after he’d sucked on her tits for a while at the office.

The last two days had been a whirl wind of sex and she hadn’t been this satisfied, well, ever.

Bob gave her ass a little tap and then pushed her feet out a bit with one of his own and she knew he was ready for another round.

“But… but… we’ll be late for work sugar…” she gave a half hearted protest but Bob just chuckled.

“How can the boss be late for work at his own company?” he asked.

Her eyes went crossed as she tried to figure out a response, but she never did so as she felt his dick push up against her pussy and every other thought left her brain.

Janell was sucking Bob’s cock as she sat under his desk. It had become her ritual lunch time break and she had been looking forward to it all morning.

She had to admit that between the morning titty play, the lunch time blowjob, the after work fucking, and the nighttime ramming of her ass, all of her needs were accounted for.

She’d never imagined that working for Bob would be so fulfilling, but now she couldn’t imagine working anywhere else!

The only problem was that she didn’t have nearly as much time as she would like to watch the training videos. She was still struggling to get through them, but she felt like it was important to do so. So she’d take every chance she could to watch them over and over again.

Janell popped Bob’s cock from between her lips and licked it from base to tip before slapping it against her lips, “Come on sugar, I know you wanna cum on my face… spray my face with your cum sugar, do it! DO IT!”

The first stream of cum shot out, reaching to her hair and the first of several orgasms crashed over her.

She looked straight forward as the flash went off, “That’s good honey, now turn to the side.” the photographer said.

She did so and pushed her tits and ass out as far as she could. The flash went off again.

“Alright, turn around and bend over, let’s get a good look at that ass.” she complied again.

“Perfect. Alright face forward and let’s lose the top.”

And so it went, photo after photo, making her hornier and hornier as she stripped down naked and posed for the camera.

“Great honey, that’s all I need. You can get dressed again.” the photographer said and so she did so.

When she was finished she hurried over to Bob and hung off his arm.

“Did Sugar do good baby?” she asked him.

He smiled and reached down and grabbed her ass, “You did well Sugar.” he replied.

She beamed at the praise, “Can Sugar get a reward?” she asked as her fingers ran over his crotch.

Bob chuckled and shook his head from side to side, “Not right now… but you know what? I bet if you ask the photographer he’ll give you a reward.”

Sugar wiggled her ass over to the photographer and asked if she could suck his cock, and just as Bob had said, he gave her the reward she was looking for.

Bob watched Janell, or as she insisted everyone call her now, Sugar, head into the back of the studio with the photographer. She’d turned out better than he’d hoped.

It wasn’t often that he had to replace one of the girls at his high end escort ring, the photos were for her new profile, but when he did, it often took longer than it had with Janell.

Most women seemed to realized something was happening to them part way through the process and try and fight back. But Janell had been smooth sailing all the way through. Perhaps it was because she knew she was an imposter already, her resume being entirely fictionalized. Or maybe it was something else?

It was hard to say, but whatever the case, she’d completed the training video’s in record time.

Hopefully she’d last longer than Mary, her predecessor had. One of Mary’s regulars had gotten a little too attached and in the end it had been simpler to sell her off at a hefty profit than take the risk he might go to the authorities.

He couldn’t complain too much, breaking in a new girl had it’s benefits, and Janell had been a lot of fun. Maybe he’d schedule her to drop by in a week or so…

He let out a little laugh at himself, who was he kidding? He’d already started taking applications for his new executive assistant and had his eye on a cute blonde with the most innocent look on her face.

He couldn’t wait to see the expression she made the first time he stuck his cock in her ass.