“So, as you can see, I can deliver what I promise…” Jason said as he waved towards woman kneeling by the pool.

“Holy shit, Katherine!” David exclaimed but Kat didn’t reply, or show any recognition of any kind.

Kat knew who David was of course, the asshole had taken her for every penny she had in the divorce and she’d been happy to pay it to get him out of her life.

“Kat…” Jason said and she instantly turned towards him, pulling her sun glasses down and smiling at him.

“Hi baby…” she replied, giving him a wink, licking her lips and jiggling her tits. Then she stood up and wiggled her ass over to him and pushed herself up against his chest.

She leaned in and kissed him, rubber her tits against him as he reached around and grabbed her ass. Her leg flew up without her concent and a giggle escaped her lips.

Jason let go of her ass and she moved to the side slightly so she could wrap her arms around his shoulders but still see the two men.

“You remember David don’t you?” Jason asked.

She smiled at David and nodded, “Like, of course! Though I don’t remember him being so totally hot…”

David stood there dumbfounded and she took a little pleasure in stupefied look on his face.

“Why don’t you show him your tits Kat…” Jason said and she instantly pushed away from him a bit.

“Oh my god yeah!” she squealed and quickly took her bikini top off and then started playing with her tits, “I just so looooove showing off my tits! giggle

“Fuck me…” David said to no one in particular.

Kat giggled and smiled at him, “Like, can I?” she answered and then walked over to him and reached down and rubbed his crotch, “Cause, like, I think this would totally look so fucking hot between my tits… or anywhere else you wannted to put it.”

“I’ll leave you two to have some fun…” Jason said and then walked away.

David, finally coming out of his stupor pulled her in tight to his body and kissed her, their tongues intertwining. His hands grabbed her ass, her hands flailed for his dick, and soon enough she was face down on one of the sun cots being rammed from behind.

Katherine looked at the unassuming man who had just sat down across from her in the coffee shop and raised an eyebrow, “What do you think you’re doing…” she started to say but he interrupted her.

“You’re Katherine Grosner right? Former owner of Grosner Industries?”

Her look of annoyance seemed to wash right off of the man’s back but she had a sudden compulsion to answer him, “Yes. Yes I am, what of it?” she almost shouted at him.

“Great, I’ve been looking for you for a while.” he replied and suddenly she felt something slip into her mind and her world started to swirl.

“You know your ex-husband is a savvy businessman. He won’t even entertain an offer on the company let alone take a meeting with me about one. I’m not sure if he knows my reputation, or is just not even slightly interested in selling, but I think he’ll take a meeting with me once I’m through with you.”

She could hardly focus on anything, let alone what the implications of his words were, but what she could focus on was his cock… and that was all that mattered to her now.