A hands on kind of leader...

Thursday June 22, 2023

Kiri slammed her hand down on the desk, shaking it and threatening to collapse the entire thing, as she scowled at the Dex sitting behind it.

“Where did you get this!” she demanded, picking up the photo and waving it in the air.

She well knew where he’d gotten it of course, her ex-boyfriend The Owl had taken it and obviously sent it too him when she broke up with him last week as a way to get revenge on her.

“Does it really matter SolarGirl? By the way, nice ass.” he replied, picking up a copy of the photo that was in front of him and admiring it.

She grabbed the side of the desk and slide it all the way to the other wall, exposing Dex… and the Rayton that was under it. She immediately recognized her peril and took a step back, but it was too late, the effects of such a large piece of Rayton dropping her to her knees.

“It was really just an excuse to get you here.” Dex said, flipping the photo into the air behind him as he stood up and took a step forward, pushing the Rayton closer to her with his foot.

“I have to admit, when The Owl reached out, I wasn’t so sure… but he’s one deeply disturbed individual deep down. I can’t wait to see what he does with you…”

Kiri tried to fight it, but the Rayton was too strong and her vision faded along with what Dex’s words.

Kiri could feel the effects of the red sun light filling the room and sapping her powers even if she couldn’t see it. She was encased in something that hugged every inch of her body and held in position with straps and ropes in an incredibly uncomfortable position.

What she could see, and hear, were the words that were being projected directly into her eyes and broadcast over the earpieces that filled her ears.

You love The Owl.

You obey The Owl.

You belong to The Owl.

They repeated over and over again as she struggled and tried to escape.

“Hey baby… giggle” Kiri said as she walked into The Owl’s underground lair and licked her lips.

She wiggled her hips and crossed her feet over each other in an exaggerated manor as she took each step towards where he was sitting at station.

When she arrived she leaned over behind him and pushed her tits against his head as she wrapped her arms around him.

He let out a sigh and shook his head, “Kiri, how many times have I told you not while I’m doing my detective work?”

giggle But, like, you’re always doing that detective thingy… giggle” she replied and the stood up and walked around and in front of him, straddling him in his chair.

“Like, I’ve got something for you to detect! giggle” she said as she took her top and pulled it down, pushing her tits right into his face.

She was pretty sure she heard a groan from him, but she paid it little mind when he reached around and grabbed her ass.

She pounced up and down a few times and then pulled back and shook her tits. At the same time she used her flight to move the chair back from the station, and then she slipped from his lap down on to her knees between his legs.

“See, like, I can detect things too! giggle Like, I can totally detect you’ve got something hard in your pants! giggle” she said and then ripped his costume apart, exposing his hard dick.

“Goodie!” she cried and dove down onto it, taking it all the way into her throat and sucking on it as hard as she thought he could take.

“Fuck Kiri, you’ve gotten really good at that…” he said and then leaned back as she started to bob up and down.

It had taken a little while to figure out exactly how hard to suck, her super breath could easily have… well, she really didn’t like to think of that so instead she moaned, popped off the end of his dick, flicked it with her tongue several times, before floating up and landing on it with her pussy.

“Come on baby… fuck my super pussy! I’m such a super slut! I want you to fuck me all the time! giggle

Soon he was cumming inside of her and she was orgasming as well, the chair being unable to take the strain simply collapsed and she kept both of them aloft as they both finished.

The Owl looked at his destroyed chair and sighed… it was his favorite one. He stretched out, cracking his back as he looked around for the tattered remnants of his suit’s pants, but didn’t see them anywhere obvious.

Travis would find them eventually, maybe on his annual cleaning of the lair.

He walked over to the wardrobe that he kept his spare suits in and opened it, the two that remained hardly took up any space in it. He let out another sigh.

She was going through his suits at an alarming rate, and honestly, without any superpowers, he was finding it very hard to keep up with her insatiable libido. He’d obviously miscalculated, which was uncharacteristic of him, the effects of the brainwashing and it was time to do something about it.

Fortunately, that wasn’t much of an issue. He still had all of the equipment he’d used the first time, and with a few tweaks, he was sure he could fix the issues.

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