“How had it come to this?” Debbie thought as she stared at her own reflection in the mirror.

The mirror was spotless of course, like the rest of the house, she spend hours on end each day making sure of that. It hadn’t always been that way, up until recently she spent all her days working at the company, guiding it through the troubled waters with a steady hand as the CEO.

The answer to her internalized question walked up beside her and gave her ass a slap.

“Whatcha doing Debbie?” he asked as she let out a little gasp and then a similarly small moan.

“Just thinking Sir.” she replied in a respectful tone that certainly wasn’t genuine in her mind.

“About what?” he probed further.

“About… this… Sir.” she replied in an exacerbated tone, using the feather duster in her right hand to wave up and down her body.

He let out a chuckle, his hand still on her ass, he gave her ass cheek a squeeze eliciting another moan.

“I’m sure you are. Let me ask you something then… doesn’t cleaning turn you on?”

She bit her lower lip a little before replying softly, “Yes Sir.”

“And when you’re turned on, don’t you want to clean even more?”

She let a little whimper, “Yes Sir.”

“So really, is it any wonder why when I offered you the job as my personal maid, you agreed?”

She was breathing hard, everything he was saying made so much sense but she still couldn’t figure our why, “No Sir.”

“You’ve been cleaning for what?… Ten hours already today? I bet you’re pretty horny right now aren’t you?”

“Yes Sir.” was all she could muster as he continued to kneed her ass.

“Then isn’t there something you *really* want to clean right now?”

She couldn’t take it any longer, she turned towards him, dropped to her knees and quickly fished his dick from his pants, taking into her mouth and sucking hard down onto it.

She sucked every dirty last drop of his cum from him and swallowed each and every one of them.

He left her sitting there, a blissed out look on her face, and a single thought running through her head, she knew exactly how it had come to this even if she didn’t know how he had done it.

She was a dirty little slut and she needed to clean everything she could to make up for it.