Gina walked into the restaurant and tried to keep a smile on her face as she approached her step-father and his business partner. She’d only agreed to the dinner on the promise from her step-father that he’d approve the funds for her trip to Europe in the fall, otherwise she wouldn’t have been caught dead in this place.

It was so… bland. Not like her at all, she’d spent the last few years after graduating from university hanging out with other artist like her, even if they were all broke, like her.

Well, sort of at least. Technically she was very wealthy, having a huge inheritance from her parents, but it was all in a trust that David, her step-father, controlled until she turned thirty. She couldn’t wait to rub it in his face in a few years and then never see him again.

She caught herself just about to frown and stopped herself, as she approached the table and David and the other man stood up to great her with smiles.

“Hello Gina, thank you for coming tonight.” David said and then turned to the other man, “This is Winston, the business partner I told you about.”

Gina smiled and took the hand that Winston extended in a friendly hand shake. Much like her step-father, Winston was older, a little out of shape, but not ugly or repulsive. Just another middle aged white man really.

They made small talk with her until the food arrived and Gina found herself honestly smiling as Winston treated her with respect and seemed honestly interested in her art.

Gina groaned a little and rolled over, opening her eyes to the sight of Winston laying beside her.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit!” she thought as her heart skipped a beat and she tried to remember how she’d gotten to Winston’s bedroom.

The haze of sleep slowly lifted and her memory came back to her; the dinner at the restaurant, the wine and food, the good conversation, the flirting, her hand on Winston’s arm, her father leaving and Winston suggesting they go to the bar to continue chatting.

The more drinks and flirting until her pussy was buzzing so much she had to do something about it!

She’d leaned in and kissed him! Oh god, she could still remember her nipples hardening instantly when she had!

The next thing she could remember were their hands all over each other in the back of Winston’s limo. His hands under her dress, playing with her nipples, her hands between his legs rubbing his dick, her heavy breathing, his lips on her neck.

By the time she was spread out on her back in his bed, his dick deep inside of her, all she could do was cry out for more as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her.

Winston’s hand touching her cheek brought her back to the moment and her eyes went wide, “Good moring Gina.” he said.

Her first instinct was to pull back, but instead she let out a soft moan and smiled, “Morning babe.” she replied, completely out of character for her.

Suddenly it was like she was back in the limo, her nipples hardened, her pussy moistened and she needed him… before she realized what was happening his hand was guiding her under the covers towards his stiffening dick, and her lips were wrapping around it.

“Morning baby!” Gina said as she sat against the table at the bottom of the stairs, pushing her new tits out as best she could.

“Morning Gina.” Winston said and walked over to her, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her up and into him. His lips met hers as his hand slipped down and grabbed her ass.

They’d been dating now for 8 months? 9? Maybe longer, it was hard for Gina to tell she was so head over heels for Winston. So much so that when she’d gotten a look at his internet browser history, and found hundreds of naked photos of big titted black women, she’d instantly decided to get a boob job.

He broke off the kiss and she pouted a little, “So what are you up to today Gina?” he asked.

A smile returned to her lips as she replied, “Oh! I’m going to the salon, then the gym, and then shopping! giggle

Those were her three favorite things in the whole world… well, at least that weren’t sex related. She had all kinds of sex things she enjoyed more, especially with Winston!

“Sounds like a busy day… well, I’m off to work. Don’t spend too much of my money.” he said half jokingly and then gave her ass a slap as he walked towards the front door and left.

She knew he was joking, because of course she wasn’t spending his money, she was spending her own.

Ever since she’d started dating Winston, her relationship with her step-father had improved dramatically. So much so that he never questioned any of the expenses she submitted to him any more.

She’d really quite enjoyed the look on his face when she’d submitted the bill for her new tits.

Gina stood in the archway to the front door in the tiny bikini she’d bought early that day and waited. Winston would be home soon and he liked her on display when he arrived, to be honest, she liked being on display too.

It had been a strange few months as she was approaching her 30th birthday, she’d found herself wanting different things that she had been for all her life. Oh, she still wanted Winston to fuck her senseless, but it seemed less important that it was Winston, and that it could have just been any man with a cock.

Likewise she’d wanted to look good for Winston, but now, she just wanted to look good period.

It was the same with being on display, she really thought she would have been just as turned on if it had been the postman that was coming up the driveway as if it was Winston.

She started to realize that she didn’t just want to be the perfect little fuck toy for Winston, but just the perfect fuck toy, period.

A shiver ran through her at the though, then another as she heard a car pull into the driveway and she almost hoped it wasn’t Winston.

Gina sat on the bed in the spare room, her hands on the back of head, her tits pushed out, and her eyes closed. She had just heard the door open and the excitement ran through her.

It wasn’t really a spare room, she corrected herself, she’d been using it for several weeks since Winston had kicked her out of the master bedroom. She had mixed feelings about that, he still came in and fucked her whenever he wanted, but she was no longer near him all the time.

She heard footsteps come over to the bed, but it wasn’t just one set of them, it was two.

“So, what do you think?” Winston said to the unknown man, Gina could only imagine him waving his had in her direction.

The other man chuckled and she instantly recognized his voice, “Not bad, not bad at all. Looks like I really got my money’s worth out of that second boob job for her.” David said.

“Oh definitely…” Winston replied and she felt him grab hold of her tit and give it a squeeze, and then a light slap.

She felt David’s unfamiliar hand grab her other tit and do the same, sending a shiver of pleasure through her as her nipples hardened and she let out a soft moan.

“And her programming?” David asked.

“Complete to your specifications of course. Here, let me show you. Gina, open your eyes and say hello to David.”

Gina opened her eyes and smiled, licking her lips slowly, “Hi Daddy, can I suck your cock? giggle

“I’ll leave you two alone.” Winston said and then left the room, closing the door behind him.

David dropped his pants and exposed his rock hard dick, and Gina knew that it would be just as good as Winston’s.

She leaned forward and took him between her lips and eagerly sucked.

Gina was the perfect fuck toy now, and she would be no matter if she was fucking Winston, David, or whoever she was passed on to next.