Ok, perhaps it wasn’t fair, Lilly hadn’t needed to go so overboard with her outfit, she was sure she could have won the match without it, but she really couldn’t afford to take a chance either.

She need the job, and the only way the country club was going to hire a female head tennis instructor was for her to beat the old head instructor in a match.

Sure he was retiring, but he could still play well, and she did really need the job. She’d never made the pro circuit and after being dumped by her last boyfriend a few week ago, she was running low on funds.

“Are you ready to play?” Lilly asked as he held her tennis racket with one hand and pulled her skirt down a little too far with her other.

Or far enough as it had the desired effect as Roy’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

He nodded back and soon enough she was thumping him resoundingly.

By the time the match was over, she was the new head tennis pro, and Roy was headed off to a nice peaceful retirement.

“Like, hi Roy! giggle” Lilly said as she walked, or more accurately, wiggled her way over to the former club pro.

Roy smiled and gave a wave as she did, “Hey Lilly, how are things going?” he asked.

“Awesome!” she replied as she came to a stop, though her tits certainly didn’t as they jiggled up and down.

Things had been awesome too, she’d been working at the country club for almost a year and she’d never been happier!

Oh sure, at first the leers of all the old men as she strutted around in her tight outfits had been a little annoying… but the club had a very comprehensive online HR training program. After going through it a few times, she’d come to realize that they were just complementing her and she should take it as such.

So she’d started to dress even sexier, and when she found out just how comprehensive the club’s health plan was… well she just couldn’t say no.

“What do you say about a rematch?” Roy asked and she giggled and squealed.

“Like, of course! What are the stakes this time?” she asked.

Roy smiled like a wolf, “Oh, I don’t know, how about if I will you give me a blowjob… and if you win I’ll fuck those giant titties of yours? How does that sound?”

“Like, amazing! giggle” she cried out and jumped up and down a little, sending her tits bouncing once more.

In the end their match had ended up as a tie, so she’d sucked Roy’s dick and he’d fucked her tits, which only seemed fair.

Lilly squatted at the net and pushed her ass out, using her racket to steady herself. Then she heard the ball make contact with Roy’s racket, the ball hit the surface once, and then land on her right ass cheek.

“OH MY GOD! Like point! giggle

Roy was doing amazing today, each time he hit her ass he got a point, but each time he missed, she did. At this rate he’d be pounding her ass in no time!

Of course, if she won it meant she’d get to ride his cock, so either way she was fine with it.

Most of the other country club members just couldn’t perform on the court like Roy could. But that made sense, Roy had been the club pro for years before she took over.

That did mean she got to fuck most of the members of course, but a few had been coming along and she hoped at least one of them would win against her soon, well, other than Roy of course.

She heard Roy serve another ball and a moment later it hit her left ass cheek, “OH MY GOD! Like point! giggle

“I think that’s game, set and match if I’m not mistaken.” Roy said and a shiver ran through Lilly.

She stood up and wiggled her way over to Roy, “You’re totally right Roy! Time to claim your prize! giggle

Lilly took hold of his hand and lead him back to the club house, and more importantly, to her private office. She hadn’t realized how important that office would be when she’d taken the job, but now, it was one of the best perks she had.