A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday January 03, 2024

Kiri was suddenly very suspicious, not that her blind date had done anything to deserve that yet, but it was just in her nature as a superhero.

Her alter ego SolarGirl was always a target and so she always had her defenses up, even when it was something as being setup on a blind date. Maybe he was just a random cute guy that would show her a good time, but maybe he was some flunky for one of her enemies trying to take advantage when her guard might be down.

She tried to push that kind of thought out of her head, she really did need to try and be more trusting, her dating life was a disaster to say the least. The last time she’d been on a date she’d broken his arm, unintentionally of course, when he’d tried to get a little bit handsy with her.

It hadn’t been his fault really, it wasn’t like she hadn’t been giving off all the signs of interest. Honestly she’d even wanted him to, but that paranoid little voice in the back of her head had just gotten the best of her and suddenly they were on their way to the ER.

Kiri was lucky that anyone would set her up on a date.

She put on a smile and walked over to her date and introduced herself, he returned the gesture and introduced himself as Dan, and then they were off to dinner.

“Damn it!” Kiri thought as she sucked Dan’s dick under the table.

She shouldn’t have let her guard down after all! Part way through dinner Kiri had noticed a pendant hanging around Dan’s neck and asked about it, he’d smiled and held it up in front of her too look at. He spun in around and around and Kiri was literally mesmerized by it.

It was some kind of magical amulet and soon she had an urgent need to suck Dan’s dick.

She was pissed to say the least… but also… not. Sucking his dick was very enjoyable, and she hadn’t had this much fun on a first date in a long time.

The only problem was that she wasn’t sure if that was the amulet talking, or her own thoughts.

Either way she continued to suck and soon enough she was swallowing his cum to an amazing orgasm.

Kiri wiggled her way out onto the catwalk and spun around once, twice, three times before taking a pose for the gathered crowd.

Dan had turned out to be a powerful mage, his little trinket amulet just the tip of his abilities. He’d been quite surprised to find out she was SolarGirl, but it hadn’t fazed him in the slightest.

In fact he’d taken her back to his lair and started performing powerful spells on her, changing her, warping her, until she wasn’t recognizable at all.

He’d kept her for a few months, using her in all kinds of different ways, but he’d decided it was time to pass her on to someone else. To that end, he’d put her up for auction at the Mage’s ball, this year being held in Japan, and so he’d altered her once more to reflect the setting.

“Yes, that’s right everyone, SolarGirl herself is here tonight, up for auction to one lucky bidder.” the voice of the announcer called out and a wave of mummers filled the room.

Kiri put on a wide smiled titled her head as she held her hands up at the side of her head, flashing peace signs.

“Hay! Hai! SolarGirl love you long time! giggle” she cried out in a terrible accent before turned around, bending over at the waist and wiggling her ass at the crowd.

The bidding went fast and furious, and soon she was being escorted off the stage to met her new owner.

Kiri looked over the brim of her glasses and pushed her tits together as she stood by the pool, “Mmmm… Master, is it time to fuck my supertitties yet?” she asked and then licked her lips.

Strangely she was in Malibu. She’d never considered that a mage, a master of the dark arts, would want to live somewhere so… sunny.

But the mage that had won the bidding war for her wasn’t your typical mage. He smiled and was personable, he lived in one of the sunniest cities in the world, he didn’t take on unethical work… well mostly at least… and in general he was a better person than she would have believed.

He did have his flaws, like keeping her as his property, and he certainly wasn’t above a good love potion or other spell that would circumvent a persons desires. But not in a way that was outright harmful, or went directly against a persons stated desires… again, at least mostly.

Kiri stepped out of the pool and wiggled her ass over to her Master, he’d reshaped her body on the flight back to the US, making it an expression of his own preferences, and she could still remember the massive orgasm she’d had before they landed when he fucked her titties for the first time.

She got right up to him, pushing herself between his legs and then leaned forward, but he held up his fingers and waggled it from side to side, so she stopped.

Instead he twirled his finger around and a smiled crossed her lips. She turned around and pulled her g-string down and stepped out of it before kneeling and leaning forward, sticking her ass as far up into the air as she could.

It wasn’t long before his dick was buried deep in her ass and she was crying out in pure bliss as orgasm after orgasm crashed over her.

She was never sure how much of the pleasure was from the magic and spells and how much was just her own deep seeded needs, but one thing was for sure, she’d never felt happier in her life, and that was more than enough for her now.

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