Emily felt Brandi’s finger touch just beneath her chin and she let it tilt her head up from the dustpan.

“See how bad you’ve been?  I told you you missed so much dust when you cleaned today… but would you believe me?” Brandi ask with a knowing grin on her face.

Emily didn’t have to look over to see the recording light of the camera was illuminated, “Pardon moi, Mistress.  Emily, how you say, naughty?”

“Close enough.” Brandi replied and the reached down and took the wooden duster from Emily’s hand.

“Now turn around, it’s time for your punishment for being a ‘naughty’ maid.”

Emily turned around and placed here face on the carpet facing the camera, while sticking her bum as high in to the air as she could.  She felt the cool air cross her flesh as Brandi flicked her cheep maid’s skirt over her ass on to her back.

It was quickly followed by the first smack of the duster across her posterior.

“Un.” Emily said.

The sound reminded her of the first time Brandi had knocked at her door, once in a while she could just remember what she had said.

*smack* “Deux.”

“Aren’t you a pretty little thing, some french decent if I don’t miss my guess.” Brandi and said and taken Emily by surprise.

“Uh, sure, I guess.”

*smack* “Trois.”

“You know the french are naturally very submissive.”

“I… what.. they are?”

*smack* “Quatre.”

“And very sexual as well, they just can’t help themselves.”

“Nnn… I…”

*smack* “Cinq.”

“Oh, don’t fight it dear, your just a dumb little french girl, you can’t help it.”  Brandi had said and stepped in close to her, wrapping an arm around her and squeezing her ass.


*smack* “Six.”

Brandi leaned in, whispering in her ear, “Just a dumb, horny little french girl that can’t help but do what she’s told by a real woman.”

Emily remembered Brandi placing a hand on her shoulder and pushing her to her knees.

*smack* “Sept.”

It was the first time Emily had every licked a pussy but it felt better than any cock she’d ever had.

*smack* “Huit.”

The second time had been even better and by the end of the week Brandi had moved in, while Emily had moved in to the guest room.

*smack* “Neug.”

The second week had been the first time she’d worn her new uniform and it felt like nothing she had ever experienced before.

*smack* “Dix.”

Emily felt the last smack roll off of her ass and she smiled as the heat spread throughout her body.  A moment later she felt the handle of the brush push up against her asshole, the cool gel of the lubricant feeling good.

She let out a low, long moan as Brandi pushed it in.

“That’s a good girl Emily, now it’s my turn.”  Brandi said.

Emily turned around and looked up at Brandi’s pussy, nuzzling it through the thin fabric of her lingerie before using her tongue to push it to one side.

Emily felt Brandi’s hands grip her head and push Emily hard against her.  Emily licked and sucked as she wiggled her ass as much as she could, Mistress liked to see that she was trying her hardest to clean at all times after all.