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Jennifer walked out on to the stage, her oiled up body glistening in the bright lights as she came out from behind the curtain.  She squinted to see the judges and the crowd as she flashed a brilliant smile and walked up to the mark on the stage and took her pose.

She looked out and saw the small crowd of well dressed men and thought about if she’d made the right decision coming to this competition, after all it wasn’t well know in the bodybuilding world, in fact before she’d received the invitation she’d never heard of it.

But the prize money was too good to turn down and after a few discreet inquiries, after all she didn’t want to let any of her competition know about it, she’d accepted the invite.

That of course was the easy part, training for a competition was hard work and she’d put in more hours in the gym for herself over the last few weeks than she had in the last six months!

And now she wondered if it was going to be a bust, a waste of her time.  But she didn’t let it show on her face as the announcer spoke, “And please welcome Jennifer, our next competitor!  Hailing from New Jersey, Jennifer is a full time personal trainer and likes to volunteer at the local homeless shelter on the weekends!”

Well at least she was from New Jersey, the rest was a little bit of an exaggeration.  It wasn’t’ like she had planned on being a personal trainer, but these days a Bachelor of Arts wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on.  And well, let’s face it, you had to have some kind of humanitarian credential to get the judges on your side.

She turned her body to the side and curled her arms, showing off the definition in them as he continued, “Now then Judges, are you ready to begin?”

That was a little strange as well, should the judges have already started marking her on her poses?  She continued anyway, taking a wider stance, putting her hands on her hips and flexing her pecs.

Suddenly the stage lights turned off, except for a single shaft of light the encircled her and she felt her muscles freeze up.

She strained has hard as she could but found herself unable to move at all.

“All right, Judge number one, if you would…” the announcer called out and the first judge leaned forward slight, towards a microphone as he started to tap at the tablet in front of him.

“Well first off the hairs all wrong,” he said as she felt her bound hair suddenly break free and flow down her back, “blonde is not her colour at all, red is far better on her.”

She watched the strands of hair in front of her face darken to a blood red as they grew.

“And the skin tone, far too dark.” the Judge said and she could just see the tops of her breasts started to lighten until then reached a near porcelain white.

“Now the muscle tone is pretty good, but just a little too much of it for my tastes.”

She felt her entire body tingle as years of work faded from her muscles until her delicate arms and lets made the pose she held look ridiculous.

“And finally, something a little more fitting to wear.”

She felt the simple black bikini start to stretch and cover her entire body, it’s colour washing out until it was a bright red and was covered in shimmering sequins.

The crowd gave a round of applause as he tapped the tablet one last time and sat back from the microphone.

“Very good, very nice indeed.  Now then Judge number 2, if you would.” the announcer said.

Jennifer watched the second judge lean forward and, just like the first judge start to tap on his tablet.  The first thing that happened was for all the changes to suddenly undo themselves.

She sighed in relief, maybe she’d get out of this mad house after all!

“Yes, well, we all know your fondness for redheads, but clearly this one deserves a more traditional approach.” the second judge said as he tapped at the tablet.

“While the hair colour certainly has room for improvement, it does suit her quite well.” he said as she watched her hair once more start to change, this time it lightened in to a platinum blonde and only grew a little.

“As for the skin tone, it’s just fine.  Though I do agree the muscle tone is a little off, along with a few cinches here and there.”

A sudden constriction in her waist distracted her from the other changes that were happening, she could feel the muscles in her abdomen constricting, tightening around themselves, pulling her waist tighter and tighter.

“And of course we’ll need to redistribute that mass around a bit.” the Judge said, tapping the tablet once more.

She watched her breasts start to swell outward, growing large and larger until they were bigger than her head.  The were so distracting that she almost missed the feeling in her lips which swelled right along with them.

“And a few final touches.” the Judge said with a flourish on his hand and the black bikini started to change as well, this time growing smaller and becoming pink.

The applause grew loud as he sat back and she wanted to scream but her mouth would not form the sounds.

“Very nice.  Now then, Judge number three, if you would.” the announce said as the third judge moved forward in his seat and tapped the tablet, once more resetting her body back to how she had been when she arrived.

“My fellow Judges, I applaud your work, but you have failed to see what lies beneath.” he said and started tapping on his tablet.

“Can you not see it in her eyes, the shape of her face?  This is no redhead of blonde, no this one’s ancestry demands to be brought forth!” the judge bellowed as she felt the changes start.

At first she wasn’t sure what was happening, but then she caught on.  One of her grandparents had been from Japan, a small woman Jennifer towered over her and she now realized the Judge had decided to reduce her stature as well.

It was strange, watching her own perspective of the world change.  She was normally 5’10”, reasonably tall for a woman, but now she doubted she even made it all the way to 5’ even.  Not only that, but if the first change had reduced her musculature to more typical levels, this change had reduced it even farther.

Next was her skin colour, the deep tan faded and her skin darkened until it looked like she had been born in Japan.  Then the bikini spread out over her, forming a tight red dress that was split at each side.

Her hair darkened and she felt her face start to shift, taking on more and more traditional Japanese features until she was sure she must look like a tiny Japanese doll.

The applause grew once more and the Judge sat back in his chair.

“Thank you judges, now it’s time for the bidding, if everyone in the audience would please commence.”

She tried to panic but her body remained motionless, at least for a few seconds until she felt herself starting to take a new pose, then another, then she felt her body shift back to the redhead.  

Her body posed several more times and then changed in the blonde, before taking several more poses and then starting all over again.

She fought it has hard as she could, but nothing seemed to make a difference until her body finally came to a stop, once more back to her natural form.

“Well gentlemen, the bidding has been quite active, but I’m happy to announce bidder 153 has won!  And congratulations to our winning Judge as well!”

Jennifer felt her body start to shift and blackness overcame her mind.