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JenBot posed in her designated spot, her body unmoving as her owner worked at his desk across the room.  As programmed, she felt a small trickle of pleasure ran up her spin from her pussy as she obeyed the commands she was receiving.

“Position 5.” the automated voice said, echoing in her mind but inaudible to anyone else.

She stood up straight, turned forward, spread her legs and gripped her hips, pushing her chest and elbows out.

A few minutes later the next command came across and she followed it as well, after all it was what she was programmed for.

She new she was an AI, a highly advanced one, that could even mimic some human thoughts and emotions, but an AI none the less.  Nothing more than a series of programs designed to bring pleasure to her owner.

A slightly larger tingle flowed from her pussy at the thought of her owner, it brought her no end of pleasure knowing he had custom build her to his exact specifications.  His hard work had paid off when he’d entered her in to the competition, she had been the winning entry and that only proved how much work he had put in to her.

“Costume change, outfit number 3.” the voice said and she relaxed her body before stepping forward and towards the door.  She walked up the stairs and in to her storage room, it was mostly filled with costumes she wore, but there was a small space for her to power down when she was not needed.

She moved over to the first rack of costumes and pulled down the specified outfit, then stripped the current one from her body and re-hung it neatly in it’s spot.

This costume was much like the last, a small bikini, but instead of red it was bright yellow.  She put it on and headed straight back to her designated location and resumed her previous pose.

She continued to follow the commands, posing and stretching as her owner worked on his computer, until finally the command she had been waiting for arrived.

“Attend to owner.  Options selected; Titty fuck, blowjob, doggy style.”

JenBot walked over to the desk just as he turned his chair to one side, she knelt down, pulled her bikini to the side and fetched his dick from his pants.  Pushing her breasts together as hard as she could around him, she worked him up and down.  Waves of pleasure came from her breasts, mostening her pussy even more than it was.

He grew harder as she did and soon enough she moved on to the blowjob, wrapping her lips around him, sucking him deep in to her perfectly designed throat.  She moved up and down his shaft, small amounts of split leaking from around her mouth, it always amazed her how realistic the saliva was, but more than that she was proud to have been designed so well.

He pulled her up off of him and she turned around, getting down on all fours, pushing her ass up in to the as he leaned forward and entered her dripping when pussy.

The pleasure, artificial even as the AI knew it was, was mind blowing and she let out a cry of pure primal need as he stroked in and out of her.

She felt his cum enter her just as the command echoed through her mind, “Orgasm.  Orgasm.  Orgasm.”

Her body spasmed with each command, sending an orgasm through her each time.

“Relax.” came the command and her whole body collapsed on to the floor as he stood up and stepped over her, heading to the bathroom to clean up.

JenBot smiled, the after glow of the orgasms still flowing through her body, as a strange thought crossed her mind, why did she work out in the gym each day?

After all, she was designed to be perfect, she didn’t need to workout did she?

Her programming provided the answer immediately, she worked out because her owner had commanded her to.  And after all, she was just an AI, she followed the commands of her owner without question.

A small orgasm come over her as the automated voice spoke once more, “Position 6.”

JenBot stood up, re-arranged her outfit and returned to her designated spot, taking the next position, eager for the next time her owner would command her and user her for the only purpose she was designed for.