A hands on kind of leader...

Sunday September 24, 2017

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Jenya stood on her tippy toes to try and get her bottom to rest on the edge of the table, using her hand to steady herself.  It was hard being this short but she did her best, as always, after all she could hear him coming down the stairs.

He entered the dining room and she bowed her head slightly, pushing her chest out and gripping her hands behind her back.

He walked by her without saying a word and in to the kitchen.

“Jenya, come in here!” he bellowed from he other room.

“Hai!” she replied and pushed off from the table, scurrying in to the kitchen as fast as she could without taking long strides.

She kept her head bowed as he pointed to the open fridge, “What’s this?”

“Jenya sorry Sir!  Jenya not know!”

“Didn’t you do the grocery shopping today?”

Jenya’s mouth hung open, she’d completely forgotten about the list of groceries.  It was something she seemed to do a lot and she didn’t know why he put up with her.

“Jenya forgot Sir, Jenya sorry, Jenya do better tomorrow!” she almost cried as she spoke the words, he was so kind to her and all she could do was mess up.

It seemed like forever ago when she last did anything right, in fact the last thing she remembered being successful at was the competition that she’d won.

She wasn’t sure how she’d won it really, after all her tiny frame and thin arms hardly seemed like the kind of body that would win such a competition.  Whenever she thought about it she remembered what he’d said, “I told you you won, that’s enough.”.

And he was right of course, like always, whatever he said was more than enough for such a simple, docile, girl like her.  She was lucky he’d been interested in her after the competition and taken her home with him.  He’d told her all about her duties in his house; cleaning, shopping, laundry and being a pretty little asian sex doll.

She like the last one the best of course, his bing strong hands on her body, his powerful cock buried in one of her holes, the way he used her for his own pleasure and demanded that she pleasure him above herself.  It was like someone had read her mind and created her perfect man, but he was real and standing right there in front of her, the look of disappointment on his face.

It broke her heart to have disappointed him yet again.

He extended his hand and threaded his fingers through her hair, grabbing the back of her head and tilting it upwards so she looked up at him.  He was much taller than her and her whole body shivered in pleasure at his touch.

“Jenya, Jenya, Jenya.  I just don’t know what I’m going to do with you.  Yesterday you broke a lamp, the day before you put the colours in with the whites and before that you left the tap on in the bathroom and the sink overflowed.  It’s a good thing your at least half way competent at fucking.” he said with a wolfish grin.

“Hai!  Jenya fucks good!  Jenya good asian sex doll!  You want fuck Jenya now Sir?”

In response he pulled her up on to her tippy toes and leaned down, placing his lips against hers as she pushed her tongue in to he mouth, eagerly exploring it.  His hands slide down to her ass and he pulled her off the floor and she wrapped her arms around him, never taking her lips off of his as he moved her over to the kitchen counter and set her on to it.

She slipper her hands behind her head and undid the strap of her dress, letting it fall to the floor, he pulled back and moved down, taking one of her nipples in to his mouth and sucking on it.

“Hai!  Suck Jenya’s nipple!”

He pulled back, keeping the nipple in between his teeth, stretching it out until it finally slipped from his mouth and bounced back.

He placed his hands on her hips and lifted her up, rotating her around so she faced the cupboards, she gripped the handles tightly as her legs pressed up against the lower cabinets and he pushed his hand on to her lower back, forcing her to arch herself against the countertop.

His pants hit the floor and she felt his cock touch her tight rear entrance, “You like it this way don’t you Jenya?”

“Hai!  Honto ni suki desu!  Jenya love cock in ass!  Jenya asian anal sex doll Sir!”

He pushed in to her ass as she cried out, “Motto!  Motto!  Motto!”

Waves of pleasure washed over her as he pulled out and pushed in again and again until she finally felt his cum flood in to her bowels.  She cried out in pure bliss as her own orgasm washed over her and she nearly lost her grip on the door handles.

After a moment he pulled out and tapped his deflating cock on her ass, sending a few stray drops of cum on to her back and the counter and then he pulled his pants back up and she slowly let herself back down on to the floor.

He started to walk out of the kitchen, but at the last moment turned to look at her, a warm feeling washing over her at the smile that was on his face.

“Oh, and Jenya, don’t forget to clean that up.” he said, nodding at the string of cum hanging from her ass that was pooling on the floor.

“Hai Sir!” she nodded, then turned to the counter and licked up the few drops that were there before kneeling down and doing the same with the cum on the floor.

Of course new drops were forming from the cum still dripping from her ass and she turned around to lick those up as well.  If she’d been able to see herself from his position, she might have though that she was a puppy chasing it’s tail, but all that crossed her mind was how lucky she was to have such an understanding Master to let her clean up her own mess.

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