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Jennifer leaned over and cupped her breasts, “Mmmmm… god I can’t wait for your cock to be sliding between these baby!” she said breathlessly as her phone recorded her.

She raised a hand up to her lips and sucked on her finger for a moment before pulling it out and leaving it just touching her low lip, “Or maybe deep in my throat, my lips wrapped around that big hard dick dick of yours.”

She slide her other hand down under her panties, sliding a finger in to her pussy, “Oh god yes! Yes! Yes! I need it so bad baby, won’t you come home and fuck my tight little pussy?  I’ve been such a bad girl today, maybe you want to spank me first?” she grinned as she reached down and stopped the recording, the hit send.

She stood back up and pulled her top up, then grabbed her skirt from the floor and wrapped it around her hips once more before heading back to the pool, her pale skin really didn’t tan all that well but she tried none the less.

The last few weeks had been a whirl wind of activity; winning the competition, meeting the man of her dreams, moving in to his house, finding out just how much of a total slut she was.  It was all just exhausting!

She was still a little fuzzy on the details of how she won the competition, after all she wasn’t a bodybuilding, how had she won a bodybuilding competition?

Her fingers wandered down to her pussy and started to rub it as the question left her mind, after all, it really didn’t matter.

Her phone going off broke her daydream and she read the message, “A good spanking isn’t the only thing your good to get tonight little girl.”

She smiled as a wave of pleasure ran through her, he was going to play Daddy tonight and she loved being his little girl more than anything.

It was a surprise to her the first time he’d played the roll, how horny it made her, how eager she was to play the bad little girl in need of discipline, but now she looked forward to it more than anything.

“Please Daddy, your little girl needs to be taught a lesson!  Hurry home!” she hit send and stood up from the lounger, walking back in to the house.

She had just the outfit and more than enough time to get ready.

Jennifer stood in the foyer, her hair sticking out in two pigtails on each side of her head, the thick black frames of her glasses resting on her nose, her tight white shirt tied off just below her breasts, her short tartan skirt barely covering her panties and her black pumps shining in the bright light of the entrance way.

The door opened and he walked in, a grim crossed her face for just a second, replaced by a pout as she dropped her chin down to her chest.

“Well what do we have here?  Has my little girl been naughty today?”

“Yes Daddy, I’m sorry Daddy.” she replied meekly as he set his briefcase down and step up to her, placing a finger under her chin and tilting her head up to meet his gaze.

Her whole body shuttered as the excitement washed over her, her pussy dripping with anticipation as he turned her around and placed his hand under her skirt on to her bare ass, leading her from behind in to the study.

Once there, he sat at his desk and opened a drawer, taking out a ruler and smacking against his palm several times, “Well?  You know the position.” he said.

She dropped her head and shimmied around the desk to him, laying across his lap and flipping her skirt up, exposing her bare ass.

He rubbed it with his hand for a moment, “Now, how naughty have you been little girl?” he asked.

“At least… 6?… Daddy.  Please… at least 6!” she replied as the first blow came to rest on her ass.

“One! Thank you Daddy!” she called out.

“Two! Thank you Daddy!” she squirmed as her sopping wet panties chafed against her pussy.

“Three! Thank you Daddy!”

“Four! Thank you Daddy!”

“Five! Thank you Daddy!”

“Six! Thank you Daddy!” she barely managed to get out with any resemblance to language, the pleasure from each blow sending her farther and farther from coherence.

She felt him push her up and guide her on to the desk, pulling he panties to the side and then pushing in to her wanton pussy with his dick.

“Oh fuck yes Daddy!  Fuck your naughty little girl, she needs it so bad!” she cried out as the first of many orgasms rocked her.

When he’d finished, she laid there on the desk as he walked out of the room, a wide, satisfied smile on her face.

Why would she ever go to a gym when she could get all the workout she need right at home?

It was a strange thought that floated in from somewhere far away, but she knew it was the truth and she wouldn’t have had it any another way.