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Jenni waited by the foyer door and clicked on the latest article from her favorite fashion magazine on her phone. She flipped through the pages, her dark glasses making it hard to read, but she couldn’t take them off, they were part of her outfit and she couldn’t possible make that kind of fashion blunder on such an important date!

The knock at the door startled her a bit and she giggled as she stood up and tottered over to it and opened it, “Like hi!  I’m Jenni!”

The man smiled and held out a small jewelry box.

“Oh my gawd, like is that for me?!?” she cried and grabbed the box, jumping up and down sending her tits bouncing as well.  She opened the box and seeing the sparkling set of diamond ear rings she let out a squeal.

She turned to the mirror and brushed her hair back, taking out the simple studs she was wearing and replacing them with the new gift.

She loved getting gifts, especially ones that sparkled!

Well at least she had since winning the competition, which seemed strange but whenever anything seemed strange or odd, she just giggled until the thought went away and that what she did this time as well.

“*giggle* Like, you’re just the best baby!” she said, throwing her arms around him and kissing him deeply, pushing him hack against the door.

Her pussy buzzed with excitement as she rubbed her tits against him and then pulled back.

“You know what?  I think you totally deserve a special thank you for these!” she said, turning her head from side to side, showing off the new ear rings.

She slide down her body, keeping her tits pressed tightly against him until she was squatting in front of him on her high heels, then, her manicured nails opened his zipper and popped his dick from his pants.

Her plump lips wrapped around it and suck it deeply in to her her mouth.  She titled her head up slightly, the dark glasses concealing her eyes as she stroked up and down his shaft.

Soon he was rock hard and she tasted the first drops of cum on her tongue, she pulled him out of her mouth, wrapped her hands around his shaft and started to work it furiously, “Like, come on baby!  I totally want you to, like, cum all over my big fake titties!”

He grunted and his cum burst forth, spraying over her chest and dress as she pumped him for every last drop.

“*giggle* Oh my gawd!  Thats, like, a lot of cum baby!” she said as she started to scoop it up and lick it from her fingers.

When she was done, she grabbed his hand and lead him back in to her apartment and in to her bedroom.  She pushed him down on to the bed and straddled him, rocking her hips back and forth.

“Like, come on baby, I totally know you’ve got more in you!” she worked hard to get him up against, taking her dress and glass off, rubbing him between her tits, licking his balls, rubbing her ass all over him, until he finally stiffened again.

“That’s it baby!  Give Jenni that big hard cock again!” she said as she lowered herself down on to him.

She bounced up and down, her tits flying all over as she cried out, “Yes baby!  Jennie loves cock!  Jenni loves cock! Jeeennniiii lllooovvveess cccooooookkkk!”

She rode him for everything she was worth and after taking his second load, collapsed on the bed beside him.

After a few moments he got up and went to the bathroom, Jenni smiled another confusing thought drifting through her head for just a moment before the giggles shooed it away; She couldn’t actually remember going “out” on a date.

Each time she’d gotten dressed up and answered the door, her date was waiting there with a gift.  Each time she’d taken him back in to her bedroom and they’d fucked like rabbits until he was done and then he left.

The giggles echoed throughout the bedroom and she rolled over on to her back, her fingers diving down to her pussy and finding their target quickly.

She was cumming again soon enough and she didn’t even hear her date leave the apartment.