Kandy tossed her head over her shoulder and giggled, “Like, I totally love it!” she squealed as John looked appreciatively at her.

She twirled around, sending the tiny red skirt flying out from her waist showing off the matching red panties. It was times like these that her ballet training really paid off. Years of dancing “en pointe” made moving in the sparkly heels a, relatively speaking, breeze.

She hadn’t actually danced in months though, “Well at least not ballet!” she thought to herself as another giggle escaped her lips at the memory of stripping for John as the music filled his home.

She wiggled her ass over to him, wrapped her arms around his shoulders and kissed him passionately as her reached around and grabbed her ass. Minutes later they were walking out of the house and to the waiting limo.

Katrina looked to both sides of the hallway to make sure no one else was there, “And you’re sure… they’re trustworthy?” she asked the girl across from her, she was a few years younger than Katrina and had just joined the ballet a few months ago. Katrina on the other hand was nearly at the end of her dancing career and was not looking forward to going back to live with her four sisters and parents in the small apartment in Moscow that they had all shared before she’d joined the ballet.

“Yes, I’m sure. They can sneak you out and get you away from the city.” the girl replied.

They were almost at the end of the tour, the last stop being here in New York and tonight being the last performance. When Katrina returned to Russia, she would have nothing to look forward to and at least if she stayed here she could request asylum and maybe make something of herself.

“Just be ready, they’ll approach you right after the post-performance reception is over.”

Katrina had been unsure if she could trust the girl, but she had little to lose and so she nodded and they parted ways.

Katrina felt a strong had grip her arm as she walked from the reception hall, she turned to see a tall, muscular man smiling at her, “Are you ready?” was all he asked and her only response was to nod.

Moments later she was in the back of a large black SUV, driving through the streets of New York and away from the only home she had known since she was a little girl.

She turned to the man beside her, “What happens next?” she asked and he smiled back. But unlike before, his smile sent a chill down her spine.

“This…” he replied and held up a canister of some kind in front of her face, before she could react a fine mist burst forth from it and she gasped in surprise. The mist flowed in to her lungs as her head started to spin and then blackness came over her.

When she came too, the darkness was still there, but she could tell it was from something covering her eyes. She could also tell she was strapped down in some kind of chair and was completely naked.

She struggled against the bonds but they wouldn’t budge. She cried out, screaming at the top of her lungs, but the sound of her voice sounded strange, almost dull and the room was un-naturally quiet.

Eventually she stopped screaming, then she stopped struggling, until she finally just sat there and waited.

She didn’t have to wait long as whatever was covering her eyes suddenly came to life. The blackness was replaced with swirling colours and her eyes were filled with strange sounds.

She closed her eyes and tried to block out the sound, but it was insentient, the sounds borrowing its way deep in to her ears, wanting her to open her eyes, until she could resist no more and she did.

She wasn’t sure how long the strange sounds lasted, but eventually they started to change, eventually becoming words.

“Kandy loves to show off her body.”

“Kandy only thinks about looking pretty and having sex.”

“Kandy is a trophy doll.”

“Kandy loves sucking cock.”

“Kandy is an empty-headed bimbo.”

“Kandy giggles whenever someone asks her a question that isn’t about fashion, makeup or sex.”

They went on and on and soon that same nagging feeling she had to open her eyes started to work its way into the phrases.

“I’m not Kandy! I’m Katrina! I’m a ballet dancer!” she cried out at the top of her lungs.

But the words just kept coming and coming.

“I’m not Kandy! I’m Katrina! I’m a dancer!” she cried out once more.

Still more words came and she could felt them infiltrating her mind.

“I’m not Kandy. I’m Katrina. I’m a dancer.” she said after several more loops of the words.

It was getting harder to keep them out of her mind, but she fought on.

“I’m no Kandy. I’m Ka… ka… ka… oh, I’m Ka… tri…dy..” her voice was almost a whimper, her mind no longer able to recall the name she wanted to say.

“I’m not Kandy. I’m Kandy.” Kandy said aloud, a confusion clearly in her voice as she scrunched her forehead trying to understand the statement. She wasn’t Kandy, but she was Kandy? That didn’t make sense, she couldn’t both be Kandy and not be Kandy at the same time could she?

Oh, she hated having to think, she preferred looking pretty and giggling when these kinds of things entered her mind.

“I’m Kandy. I’m a dancer. *giggle*” she said a loud for no reason she could think of, but then again, she had so few thoughts in her mind and that’s the way she liked it. She definitely was Kandy and saying it aloud send a little shiver of pleasure down her spine, but was she a dancer? That didn’t seem right for some reason.

“I’m Kandy. I’m… I’m… I’m a bimbo?” she said, unsure but gaining confidence when it somehow felt right.

“*giggle* Like, I’m Kandy! I’m a total empty-headed bimbo!” she said with more confidence this time and the pleasure running down her spine and settling in her pussy intensified.

“*giggle* Like, I’m Kandy! *giggle* I’m a total empty-headed bimbo trophy doll! *giggle*”

A small orgasm crashed over her and she let out a flurry of giggles until it passed.

“*giggle* Like, oh my god, I’m Kandy! *giggle* I’m a total empty-headed bimbo trophy doll, that like, looooves to suck and fuck! *giggle*”

Kandy’s body spasmed at the force of the orgasm as the lights danced across her eyes and the sounds reverberated in her ears.

Kandy stepped off the plane after landing in Moscow, her tight little dress hugging her ass as her matching top strained to contain her tits.

She had such an amazing time in America after the ballet wrapped, but now it was time to come home and start her new life, leaving the ballet behind.

To celebrate her retirement, she’d found the perfect plastic surgeon in New York to give her the tits she’d always wanted but could never have. She looked down at them and smiled, giving the a little jiggle, hardening her nipples as they rubbed against her bra. She let out a giggle and pushed them as far out from her body as she could as she strutted down through the airport and finally out to the pick up area.

She pulled the fashionable sunglasses from her face as she scanned the area until she saw John and her pussy tingled with excitement. She ran as fast as she could to him, considering the heels that kept her literally on her toes, and threw her arms around him, “Like, oh my god, John!”

She pushed her lips to his, darting her tongue in to his mouth as she let out a moan as she did so.

God he was so hot! Twice her age, balding, overweight, she couldn’t wait to get down on her knees and suck his cock!

And to think she’d turned him down all those times he’d been nice enough to bring her flowers after her performances! She’d even slapped him once when he had grabbed her ass!

Now, as his hands squeezed both of her ass cheeks at once, causing her pussy to twitch even more, she couldn’t image why she’d ever done such a thing.

He escorted her from the terminal and to his waiting limo as she hung off his arm and giggled softly, knowing that on the ride to his home that she’d have his cock between her lips and she’d finally have what she really wanted.