Michele looked over at her sister Debbie, smile plastered across their faces as they sat on the towle and spread their legs, “God Debbie, I’m so horny!” Michele said in a low sultry voice.

“Fi… fight it Michele…” Debbie replied, never breaking the smile on her lips.

Michele was confused for just a second, what was she supposed to be fighting? Then it came back to her, her car had broken down in the middle of nowhere on their road trip and there was no cell signal… and then… then there was the man.

At first he’d seemed nice enough, helpful enough. But then, something had changed.

Michele turned her head and looked forward once more, “You!” she managed to cry out as she looked at the man once more.

“Yes, me.” he replied with a snicker.

Michele’s head swung back to her sister as a low moan emanated from beside her, “Debbie! No!”

“No? But… but I wanna… yes! Yes! YES!” Debbie replied as Michele watched her eyes close, her head tilt back and then a powerful orgasm cause her entire body to shake.

“Debbie! Debbie! Snap out of it!”

Debbie blinked several times, “Oh my god Michele! You gotta stop fighting it! *giggle* It’s, like totally amazing!”

Michele tried to frown, but her lips would simply not co-operate so she tuned back to the man, “Stop it! Please!”

“Stop what?” he said with a fake innocence that make it clear he knew exactly what it was, “Debbie, why don’t you give your sister a hand.”

“Like, of course!” Debbie replied and leaned down between Michele’s legs and started to lick Michele’s pussy.

“No… no… no.. Debbie…” Michelle managed to get out before her words devolved in to moans.

“You know Michele, I always am fascinated when I come across twins. It’s always fun to see the differences between them. With the two of you, your the stronger one. You’re still fighting it even with your sister’s face burried between your legs.”

“You… you can’t do… this…”

“Oh I can, and in fact I already have with Debbie. You are just a matter of another few minutes. But you know what? I kind of like your spirit. I’ll tell you what, if you just give in, right now, I’ll grant you a boon.”

“A… a… boon?”

“Yes, something that you’ve always wanted but have never had. And don’t get any idea’s about asking to be set free or anything. That’s not how this works.”

Michele could feel her sisters tongue quickly bringing her to the edge and knew she didn’t have long, her mind was spinning, but then it popped in to her head.

“Yes, I can do that.” the man said and Michele’s eyes widened as she knew he had read her mind, then she let go. The orgasm crashing over her as she cried out in pure bliss.

“Mmmm… yeah… do you like fucking my sisters face?” Michele asked as she held Debbie’s head by the hair and stroked it up and down the man’s cock.

He was their third customer of the day, and a regular to boot, but they were just getting started.

It had been three months since that day their car had broken down, and just over a month since the man had dropped them off at the brothel where they now worked and lived.

Michele had spent her whole life before that in her sister’s shadow, Debbie always being the one to lead and Michele the one to follow, but now that was no longer the case.

The man had given Michele exactly what she wanted, to be in charge of her sister in every way, and all she had to do was accept the inevitable truth that they were both just play things, sexual object to be used for the pleasure of others.

Michele looked over at the client and smiled, pulling Debbie’s face from his cock, twister her around so her ass was facing the client, “Come on baby, fuck her tight little ass for me!” Michele said as she leaned Debbie over and shover her face in to her own pussy.

The client stood up and slide his cock in to Debbie’s ass as Debbie’s tongue slide in to her own dripping wet pussy.

Michele’s hand came down on Debbie’s ass several times, “God I love to see your cock in my sisters ass baby!”

It wasn’t long before all three of them came and then shortly after the client left.

“Come on Debbie, time to get cleaned up.” Michele said as she stood up from the bed and held out her hand.

Debbie took it and followed along behind her, “Like, ok sis, *giggle*”

“You know Debbie, I’ve been thinking, maybe it was time I made a few changes to you. You know so the clients wouldn’t confuse the two of us.”

“Like, sure sis, anything you want.”

“That’s what I like to hear Debbie.” Michele said with a wicked smile across her lips. Debbie was going to make a great blonde, especially with the huge implants she had in mind. She was sure of it.