Tamara could feel the tingling of the bracelet running through her body, it connected to the one on her other arm, though it was much higher up it.

The tingling made her pussy wet and her mind foggy… and it tingled all the time. It was hard at the best of times to get her thoughts together, but now was even worse.

She had arrived at the hotel room only minutes ago, the address and room number sent to her on the encrypted messaging app they had provided her. The man that had opened the door had waved her in and told her to get undressed, so she had.

Now, standing with her hands placed just below her ass on her upper thighs, she pulled her cheeks apart and exposed her pussy, the wetness it contained was mind blowing, but hard to see for outside.

That changed the instant the man slipped his fingers between her pussy lips and the wetness sprung forth and ran down her inner thigh. She moaned, and mewed as she bucked against his fingers, desperate for the attention he was paying her.

It wasn’t long before his fingers were replaced by his cock, his hands holding on to her upper arms forcefully as he fucked her.

It was only after her had cum inside of her, her own orgasm shattering the fog that clouded her mind, that she managed to put the pieces together.

The man, Roger, had been her boss until recently. She had been an investigative reporter, working on a story about the black market for magical items. And this… this was the payoff to keep his quiet.

She managed to pull herself to her feet just as Roger came from the bathroom, and she shot daggers at him with her eyes.

“Ah… there she is… welcome back Tamara.” he said with a chuckle.

“I’m gonna kill you…” she said, taking a step towards him, menace in every ounce of her body.

And then a second step, but something was different… the fog started to return. She reached for her head and shook it, trying to retain the anger she felt.

A third step and her knees weakened, causing her to almost collapse to the floor again, “Roger… what…” she managed to get out as Roger stepped towards her.

He arrived just as she took her fourth step and he grabbed her to stop her from collapsing completely. The tingling from the bracelet was too strong… she looked up at the man through the fog of need and desire and parted her lips as she let out a little gasp.

“Please… Sir, please fuck me again…” she said breathlessly and the man let out a hearty chuckle.

“Not today you little minx, but soon… soon.” he replied as he moved her over to the bed and laid her down.

She rolled over on to her back and spread her legs, her fingers working her wanton pussy as she squeezed her breast with her other hand, “Thank you Sir, I can’t wait.”

She laid there as he finished cleaning up and then left, masturbating until she heard her phone chime and she knew there was another address and room number waiting for her.