Katherine checked her phone again and frowned, “Shit, where is he!”

She flipped over to her messaging app and quickly typed out a message, “Baby, where are u?”, then hit send.

She stared at the app, trying to force the typing indicators to appear, but nothing happened.

Then a knock at the hotel room door caused her to jump before quickly sprinting towards it. She opened it pushed her tits out, giving them a wiggle as she smiled.

“Hi baby!” she cried and let her client come in, as soon as the door closed behind him she wrapped her arms around him and pushed her tits into his chest as they kissed.

“Mmmm… god I’m so horny baby. I thought you were gonna stand me up!” Katherine said after breaking off the kiss. She took him by the hand and nearly dragged him to the bed, pushing him down and then straddling atop of him.

He grabbed her ass and then gave it a good hard slap and she let out a gasp as she squeezed her tits together with her hands.

“Mmmm… yeah baby, give that ass a slap.” she said with a pout and a wiggle of her hips.

He squeezed her ass firmly and gave it another slap, sending pleasure through her.

His hands were why she’d agreed to meet up with him, he’d come into the strip club where she worked a few days ago and hand his hands all over her in the VIP until she’d actually orgasmed. She’d been messaging him ever since, telling him how much she wanted to see him again, how much she wanted his hands all over her again, how much she wanted to cum for him again.

When he’d suggested the hotel room, she’d hesitated at first. She didn’t usually do that kind of thing, preferring to stick to the club, but then the memory of the orgasm came back to her and she’d agreed.

He let go of her ass and reached up, taking hold of her tits and she looked down at him and gasped a little. She reached around behind her back and quickly unclipped her top, pulling it off her body so he could get better access to her tits.

His hands came in contact with her nipples and they instantly hardened, he twisted them and pulled on them, sending her into a fever of pleasure. She only came out when he let go of her left tit and gave it a slap.

She squealed and leaned over, pushing her tits into his face, letting him squeeze them together, then reaching down and grabbing her ass again, this time hiking her skirt up over her hips.

Katherine reached around behind herself again and undid her skirt, sending it to the floor as well, just before he bucked his hips and flipped her onto her back. He leaned down on top of her and kissed her again, then moved down and took on of her nipples into his lips and sucked on it.

Her hands flew down to his shirt, pulling it up and over his head between suckles, before he stood up and she sat up, her fingers quickly go to his pants. By the time they hit the floor she had already wrapped her tits around his hard shaft and pushed them together, stroking up and down his length.

“Come on baby, fuck these big fake titties!” she cried out and he reached down and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and slipping two of his fingers between her lips.

She bounced up and down, his dick fucking her tits as she sucked on his fingers, her whole body on fire.

She didn’t want to stop, but he took a step back, pulled her up by her hair and then twisted her around, pushing her onto the bed and lining up behind her.

She felt him push up against her rear entrance and she looked back over her shoulder, “Wait baby… I never said… oooooohhhhhh mmmmmmyyyyyyyy gggggaaaaawwwwddddd!” she cried out as he pushed into her ass and an orgasm crashed over her.

When it passed enough for her to regain some semblance of cohesive thought, he was still deep in her ass, but he’d started spanking her ass as well. Her whole body quivered with each stroke and slap, words tumbling out of her mouth without any thought.

“Slap my ass baby! Harder! Fuck my ass baby! Deeper! Make me your plastic anal whore!”

She didn’t know how long it lasted, the strokes and slaps and words merging together into a fog of pleasure and need, but she knew when it ended. She felt his hot cum flow into her ass and her whole world explode in pleasure.

Katherine looked down at the paperwork and snarled, “You’ve got to be kidding me.” she said with her arms crossed under her modest bust and the ends of her long brown hair just stopping above them.

“Look, I know you want to make him pay, but the pre-nup is iron clad. You’ve got to use this mediator called… the Perfect Divorce Service. Otherwise you get nothing.” Linda her lawyer said with a stern look on her face.

“Can’t you get around it? I want to publicly humiliate him! Not have it swept under some NDA.” Katherine said.

“Well, you can if you want to, but you’ll get nothing out of the settlement. If anything, he’ll probably get an award against you for breaking the pre-nup.” Linda replied.

“What if… what if I agreed to the mediation, but you know, just let some stuff leak afterwards?”

Linda sighed, “Look as your lawyer I cannot console you to break the law, or a binding agreement. I’d suggest you go to the mediation in good faith and get all you can from his wallet. Drop the rest and get on with your life.”

“But that bastard expected me to actually become his plastic trophy wife!” she spat out.

“I know, I know. But you did make a verbal agreement with him along those lines. You knew what he wanted, just be glad it’s humiliating enough that he doesn’t want it to get out or he might be suing you for breach of contract.”

Katherine pouted and slumped in her chair, finally nodding in agreement.

She uncrossed her arms and sat up straight then put on a little smile, “Well, at least he’s going to have to pay through the nose to keep it all quiet right?”

Linda nodded and smiled back, “Looks like it, though I’ve never heard of this service before, so we’ll have to see how it goes.”