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Jessica turned to the side to see a profile of herself in the mirror and could hardly believe what a month of training with Jim had accomplished.

She still thought he was crazy though, she wasn’t a boxer even if she kinda liked the idea of stepping in to the ring and punching someone, knocking them out. The idea matched her firey spirit and agressive attitude she’d always had.

But he’d been true to his word, he hadn’t charged her a penny and she did get free access to the gym anytime she wanted to, so that was good. And she had to admit that there was a niggling desire in the back of her head to go to the gym more often. She’d gone four times this week and that fourth session had felt so good for some reason, she just somehow knew it would be like that the more often she went.

But work and other prioritizes in her life meant that was unlikely to happen, and besides, look at what she’d accomplished!

She turned to the mirror and bent over, placing one of the gloves between her thighs and pulling it off, then repeated the process with the second one. She tossed them down on the ground and smiled at her reflection, her hands running over her flat, defined abs, up to her breasts which felt so go under their caress.

Jim had mentioned that there might be a bit of… sensitivity… from the new workout routine and the supplement he’d given her, but she couldn’t complain. Her whole body felt amazing, and so what if her breasts seemed a little swollen and sensitive… especially when it felt so good when he squeezed them.

She’d been so thrilled with the changes that she’d even treated herself with visit to the salon to gotten her hair dyed. She had been getting compliments from everyone at work and her friends seemed a little jealous if she was honest.

The sound of her phone binging broke her focus on her own reflection and she picked it up to see a message from Jim.

“Hey, I’m at the gym and just had a cancellation if you want to come over.”

Her fingers hesitated over the keyboard as she bit her lower lip, she should really do some work to get ready for the presenation tomorrow… but the butterflies of excitement in her stomach told her what she really wanted to do.