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Jessica leaned against the chain link fence as Jim continued to take photos of her. But all that was on her mind was the bulge she could see in his pants.

It was all she could think about most of the time honestly, so much so that she’d been fired from her job just two weeks ago when she’d been caught masturbating in the bathroom.

It had turned out to be a blessing in disguise though, without a job she couldn’t afford to keep her apartment. So when Jim had suggested she move in with him, well, there was no way she’d refuse.

Jim had been great too, because they were living together now he was always there to make sure she was following his supplement plan, even going so far as to increasing it now that he could supervisor her 24 hours a day!

She loved the feeling of the supplement running down her throat almost as much as she did Jim’s cum. And so what if the side effects had gotten a little worse too? Her tits were so sensitive and swollen that he could hardly keep her hands off of them!

Fortunately Jim had a hard time doing so as well and he’d often stop her in the hall or wherever and grab a hold of her tits and grope them for a few minutes as she moaned low and long as he did so.

“Ok Jessi, time to pull that top to the side.” Jim said as he snapped several more photos.

She smiled, he’d started calling her Jessi when she’d moved in and each time he did it sent a thrill through her body.

She struggled to pull the top to the sides with the gloves on her hands, but after fumbling for a few seconds she managed it, her hard nipples getting even harder somehow.

“Jim… aren’t you done yet? I’m so horny… can’t we just fuck?”

“Not quite yet. Need a few more, then I’m going slide by dick between those two giant tits of yours and cum all over your face… how does that sound?”

Jessica leaned her head back and pushed her tits together as she let out another moan, “God Jim, hurry up, that sounds amazing!”

Jim let out a chuckle and a few minutes later Jessica was in heaven as Jim did exactly what he said he would.