A hands on kind of leader...

Friday June 18, 2021

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Jessi sat on the fold out chair, butterflies swarming in her stomach as she was in a state of near panic!

Jim was her life, how could she ever live without him?

Sure, he’d told her that she was going to love sucking and fucking Dave’s cock just as much as she did his, but… was that even possible?

Her lower lip quivered as the two men talked just out of earshot and she hoped, beyond hope, that perhaps Jim or Dave would change their minds and she could go back home with Jim once more.

Instead the two men shook hands and Jim walked out of the room as Dave approached her.

“Hey Doll…” he said, reaching down and lifting her head upward with his hand under her chin, “Don’t you think it’s about time you put those lips to use?”

He smiled down and then unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. She creased her forehead as she looked up at him, but the compulsion was too strong and her lips wrapped around his cock and she sucked him inside of her mouth.

A calmness washed over her mind immediately as she rhythmically rocked back and forth. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad… the feeling of his cock in her mouth was amazing… and she was horny as always. Perhaps a new cock to fuck every day would be great…

Dave looked over at Jessi and then back to Jim, “Fuck, I don’t know where you find these girls, but they’re worth every penny.” he said.

Jim smiled, “You don’t find girls like these… you make girls like these. It takes a lot of time and effort you know. Fortunately, once you get far enough along with them, well, they don’t pay much attention to anything else and I can start on the next one. I have a second one over half way done and I just started with a third.”

Dave nodded in agreement and whistled in appreciation.

“So, what happens if I, you know, don’t keep buying the supplement from you?” Dave asked.

Jim smiled, “Well, in the short term, maybe a few days, not much. She might complain of a headache or not feeling well, but that’s it. After a week she’d been begging you for more of it, and eventually she’d probably grow violent like any junkie in withdrawal. But more likely she’d dump your ass and come running back to me for her next fix.”

Dave grunted in response, “A sweet little gig you’ve got going here. Not only do I have to pay upfront, but every week as well.”

“Hey, no one is forcing you to buy. That’s just the cost of having your own personal fuck toy.”

Dave let out a little laugh, “Yeah, I guess so. Alright, fine, you’ve got a deal.” he said and extended his hand. Jim shook it and then the two men parted ways, Jim leaving the room and Dave heading over to his new purchase.

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