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Jessi loved her new workout clothes! They pushed her tits together, hugged her ass and made her look sexy!

She let out a little giggle as she looked in the wall mirror and posed several times before going over and starting on he squats.

She had really become a gym rat these days, spending several hours a day working on herself while Jim worked with other clients in the boxing ring. Then, after they were both finished, he’d take her home and fuck her, which was the best part of her day!

She continued to work out for a while, then took a break and responded to some of her social media. She’d been unsure at first when Jim had installed the apps on her phone and setup profiles for her, some of the questions people asked were a little racy and she had struggled to reply to them at first.

Then Jim had told her just to imagine that it was him asking the questions and respond as she would to him and things had gotten a lot easier.

A question like “Do you like your nipples sucked on?” would have before been too embarrassing to answer, but thinking it was from Jim made it easy, “Oh course! I love my nipples sucked on, pinched, pulled and twisted!”

It was easy because it was true. She loved it when Jim did all those things and more!

She’d been even more nervous when he’d opened the profile on the adult social media site and posted several nudes of her, but she’d gotten the hang of that too. Now she updated it with new nudes each day just like she did to the public sites with fully clothed pictures.

She reached over and picked up her supplement bottle and sucked on the straw, the tingle running through her body as always as it slipped down her throat.