A hands on kind of leader...

Wednesday June 09, 2021

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God it felt so good to be in the ring again.

“That’s perfect Jessica, just like that, now a left jab…” Jim said and Jessica pulled her right hand back and extended her left one.

There was just something about the sound of Jim’s voice, the way he told her what to do, that made her whole body tingle. Especially her pussy.

It was why when Jim had suggested that they increase their training session from 3 days a week to 6 she’d agreed eagerly. It wasn’t really that much of a change though, she’d been doing ‘extra’ sessions with him quite a bit already, just not on a fixed schedule.

“Good, good.” he said and then walked up and put his hand on top of her glove, guiding her hand down to her side and she let her other hand do the same.

“Here, take a sip.” he said and held the straw protruding from the bottle he held up to her lips and she took a drink of the liquid it contained. It was the same mixture of supplement powder and water that she drank all the time at home. She swallowed it an it tingled all the way down her throat and she smiled as it did.

“Ok, now just…” he said, moving to the side of her and setting the bottle down for a moment before placing a hand on her abdomen and the other on her upper back, “…like so…” he said as he pushed his upper hand forward and his lower hand backward, forcing her to push her chest out, “…perfect! Just like that.”

The hand on her upper back drifted down until it was on her ass and she let out a soft moan and closed her eyes for a moment.

“Hmmm… I think we need to work on those gluts a little bit Jessica.”

She parted her lips and kept her eyes close, “Ok Jim… whatever you say.” she replied softly in a low voice.

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