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Jessica couldn’t figure it out, why hadn’t Jim slept with her yet?

Hadn’t she been broadcasting her interest in him enough? She’d almost reached out and grabbed his dick the other day through his pants yet he still hadn’t made a move on her.

And she was horny!

Horny all the time, but especially when he was around.

She reached over to the table beside her and grabbed the bottle of supplement and took a sip as Jim worked on setting up the camera on the tripod in the makeshift studio he had at his house. These photo sessions had grown more and more often, to the point that she was even missing some of her days in the gym. But if she was honest, as much as she loved working out and spending time in the gym, being in front of the camera was even better.

it made her nipples hard and her pussy tingle like nothing else. When Jim put his hands on her and moved her into position, or told her what expression to have or how to move, it was simply amazing.

She looked over at Jim as she sipped on the bottle and then glanced down at her nipples clearly visible through the small white top she was wearing. A wicked smile cross her lips and she pulled the straw from between her lips and unscrewed the top of the bottle.

She hesitated for only a second before pouring the remaining contents of the bottle over her chest, it was a waste of the supplement after all, but it was for a good cause. She screwed the top of the bottle back on and then set it on the table once more.

She took a deep breath and pulled her arms in tight to her body, “Opps!” she let out.

Jim looked up from the camera and smiled, “What happened Jessica?” he asked.

“I’m just so clumsy Jim, I’ve spill all over myself.” she replied and shrugged her shoulders before reaching down and gripping the bottom of her shirt and pulling it up over her head in one swift motion.

“Maybe you can help me get dry…” she said as she tossed the shirt to the side and wiggled her hips as she walked towards him.

When she arrived Jim bent over and took her erect nipple between his lips and sucked gently on it. She let out a gasp as pleasure coursed it’s way from her nipple to her pussy.

“Oh god Jim, that feels so good! I want you to fuck me so bad… no… I need you to fuck me so badly!”

It wasn’t long before she was holding on to the punching bag for dear life as she was bent over at the waist and Jim as pounding away at her pussy with his amazing dick.