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“Come on guys, don’t you want me to box your ears with these?” Jessi typed in to the caption box as she posted the photo from her latest session with Jim to her private account.

She really wasn’t sure what made it private, but Jim took care of all those details, so she didn’t pay it any mind. All she had to do was whatever Jim told her and everything was fine.

The first time he’d told her to go with a guy she didn’t know and “show him a good time”, she’d almost said no. What a mistake that would have been!

As much as she loved getting fucked by Jim, he was just one man and he needed time to recover. Having a whole bunch of men just waiting to fuck her was simply the best.

Even better was the fact that each guy wanted something different. One might want to fuck her tits, the other her pussy, another her face, and another her ass. It was like every inch of her body was being used in the exact right way and she couldn’t help but feel like the luckiest person on earth.

Her phone binged as a message from Jim came in, he was at the gym training some clients while she was at home getting ready for the next guy that was going to fuck her.

She read the message and smiled, it was another name, location and time and she couldn’t believe how luck she as to have Jim in her life.