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Jessica lifted straight up on the weights as he stuck her bum out and felt the burn as she did. She’d been at the gym for almost an hour for her pre-training workout and she was almost done.

She set the bar down once more and repeated the lift a few more times until her watch chirped at her know it was time to get ready for her training session with Jim. She let out a puff of air and then drew in a deep breath as she headed to the locker room to change in to her boxing gear.

As she walked by the full length mirror she couldn’t help but stop and admire how far her bum had come. It was larger and tighter than it ever had been, all thanks to Jim’s continued training… and the amazing supplement powder of course!

She put the bottle of supplement to her lips and took a deep draw on it, the tingling as it ran down her throat sending wave of pleasure through her entire body.

God she was so horny these days, it was getting hard not to masturbate in the shower after she was done her daily training and Jim wasn’t making it any easier either. When she’d first met him she hadn’t thought of him in that way, but now after months of training with him she couldn’t help. Every time they were in the same room her eyes would drift down to his crotch when he wasn’t looking at her, or her mind would drift off and imagine what he might look like naked.

Each time her pussy buzzed and it was getting harder an harder to ignore it.

A second chime from her watch made her look away from her own reflection and get to changing… Jim was waiting and she really wanted to see how he’d train her today.